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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 19 December 2005

Lunch Partner's Wedding

This post is going to be unique. It's my first post on wedding (not mine) and the food served hahaha... ermmm sort of like a nice gift for one of my lunch partners - Mr Chairman and his wife since Mr Chairman is a foodie like me. Before I begin, I would like to congratulate Mr & Mrs Chairman on their marriage. Wishing both of them every happiness they build their dreams... their future... their new life together. Congratulations!!!

Wedding Favour01 Wedding Favour01 - Choc Heart

After the beautiful bride and handsome groom marched to their seat accompanied by Perhaps Love, a duet of John Denver and Placido Domingo (one of my fave of the late John Denver's song). Loved every minute of it. A well received (rather than those big bang show, yes, we have enough of Kitaro and Wong Fei Hung) small and low key food presentation by Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur where the wait staff marched in carrying our first course.

Hubby gave me the EYE, you know that kind of "look" when I started clicking away at the food on my own plate. I was short of sticking out my tongue at him if not for all the niceties of a wedding. See, the kind of danger stuff I had to go thru to blog about this. Those who have missed the wedding for whatever reasons, you guys owe me lots of TTs!!!

The first course, Renaissance 5 Happiness Combination Platter which have 5 different variety of small bites. I can't remember what I ate as I was enjoying the company of my lunch partners at the table. I think they have got some deep fried stuff, fish cakes thingy, prawn and melon salad and fried clams with snow peas. The pictures don't look appetising due to the low low lightings but the food did tasted good, surprisingly for a banquet.

Second course was the standard shark's fin soup which was way too salty. The third course was a tangy and delicious Deep Fried Boneless Chicken With Supreme Thai Sauce. Very nice that I ate the two pieces the server served.

01 Renaissance 5 Happiness Combination Platter 02 Braised Shark's Fin Soup with 3 Variety of Meat 03 Deep Fried Boneless Chicken With Supreme Thai Sauce

Next we have a lovely basket made of I dunno what (too shy to look close up what it was hahaha and I was busy yakking away too) filled with Wok Fried Prawns Hunan Style. Shelled prawns, diced ginger slices and bell peppers make up this dish. The Hunan sauce kicked a punch for being slightly spicy. The fifth course was the Steamed Sultan Fish with Ginger Sauce. I took quite long to finish up my fish since this type of fish have very fine bones that I have to diligently picked every single one of them. Loved the ginger sauce though. Next up, a huge platter of Braised Mushroom Fungi Abalone with Dried Scallops and Vegetable was served which I think is nicely done up since most of us finished the fungi, brocolli and asparagus.

04 Wok Fried Prawns Hunan Style 05 Steamed Sultan Fish with Ginger Sauce 06 Braised Mushroom Fungi Abalone with Dried Scallops and Vegetable

The standard fried rice dish of Wok Fried Rice with Chicken Anchovies and Salted Fish was served up quickly together with the fungi and vegetables. I usually skip the rice at most banquet saved for a couple of bites but this one I whacked all in my bowl. The salted fish lent a fantabulous flavour to the rice which hubby agreed. He's a fan of salted fish.

Honey Melon with Sago was served with a duet of dessert. Loved the chilled sago dessert and the spiral errr I'm not sure of the English equivalent, something made of glutinous rice like mocchi with red bean paste (the dark part of the spiral). The round deep fried balls have a filling of err was it red bean or lotus?? Miss Sweet 16, can remember or not? hehehe pardon me.

Aha... saw the longevity peach buns??? You must be asking why a wedding served such a dessert just like we did. Apparently it was Mr Chairman's uncle's (60th I think) birthday that day. So we sang him 2 rounds of birthday songs BUT he belted out 5 or was it 6 of his favourite songs for us. The most tear inducing one was the song he sang on his wedding day to his wife and every anniversary. Sooooo schweeettt of him!!! I wished I had married him a husband just like him.

Psssttt by the way, I think I did INDEED married someone like him hehehe...

07 Wok Fried Rice with Chicken Anchovies and Salted Fish 08 Honey Melon with Sago 09 Longevity Peach Buns

Our table of lunch partners enjoyed the dinner, wine and of course the company plus the wonderful atmosphere at the banquet hall. Thank you, Mr & Mrs Chairman!!! Remember hor the message at the THIRD yum seng (toast) hahahah *wink*

111 Champagne Popping

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