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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Review: Beard Papa at MidValley Megamall

bp sign

I know, I know... loads of bloggers have blogged about the presence of Beard Papa in Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur even before they were opened. Well, I'm just like them, all excited about the opening after reading the long long queue other bloggers in the world have to endure just to taste these delicious cream puff. Hubby always have his fix of Beard Papa's cream puffs whenever he's in Shanghai. He didn't even know it's a very famous Japanese chain from US until I brought it up once. It was then he told me he had been devouring these delish cream puffs for some time. Duh!!!

We took boiboi over to Midvalley Megamall on Saturday to check out the Christmas decor and the supposedly snow fall (more on that later). It wasn't even noon yet but most of the parking entrances were closed because the car park was full!!! We snaked our way thru the jam and ended up having to park at the uncompleted Northpoint (new office block). Dangerous but we were ushered in by the Midvalley staff and it's FREE parking!!! I told hubby to take the KTM Komuter train there but as usual he won't listen until he went KNNCCB (errr abbreviated Chinese curse language) all the way round the building hehehe.

Okie back to the Beard Papa... I busied myself, sending my digital photos for printing next door and little did I know... hubby had bought the cream puffs and he finished one together with his partner in crime. All I saw when I'm done was hubby wiping off the traces of cream and icing sugar off my boiboi's mouth. Arghhh I asked him "how could you???" Kekekeke then hubby shoved the paper bag to me hahaha. Of course my darling won't dare to forget my portion right?

bp paperbag

Whilst me and boiboi wrestle for the remaining cream puff, hubby gave the errr I think the franchise owner of Beard Papa Malaysia, his feedback. I overheard hubby commented that they were too much air pocket not filled with the custard cream... hmmm... next I heard him commented about the price... pretty pricey - RM3.30 a piece but the more you buy the cheaper it gets. The guy informed hubby they have no choice as they use the best ingredient to make the cream puffs... and I overheard he mentioned vanilla bean pods for the custard cream woohooo... no wonder the custard cream tasted soo good! Yes I can see the speckles of vanilla on the cream to confirm this.

In this picture, the mount of crispy choux pastry puffs waiting to be filled with vanilla custard cream. They only filled up the pastry when there is a purchase to ensure the puff won't get soggy. There is a metal contraption on the right to do this.

bp choux pastry

My boiboi obediently holding on to the cream puff whilst I took a quick shot.

bp cream puff

And you know what, my little fart ate HALF, yes HALF of my cream puff!!! Sighhh... but never mind lah at least not so guilty hehehe... My smartass boiboi showed the owner his TWO thumbs up whilst his mouth is stuffed with the puff. Next thing I know he said "Lemme give you... some tissue". Aiyah... I thought he was going to give one more to boiboi because of his endorsement but I thought wrong. Sighhh...

And here is him sinking his teeth on my cream puff!

bp boiboi chow down

Surprising there wasn't any queue as those pictures I saw in Hawaii and Singapore. Maybe because not many people are aware of Beard Papa, or was it too expensive to indulge... cos the nearby Jusco supermarket is selling a similar sized one for around RM1.50. Half the price *chuckle*

Anyway, if you feel your saliva is already dripping, head on to LG007 Lower Ground Floor (below Centre Court), for your fix of the Beard Papa's cream puff.

Serious speaking, I'm a rather huge fan of cream puffs and had always get those little ones from Celicake in Desa Sri Hartamas but so far the bestest cream puffs I ever tasted were those from Riche Montana Bakery (KG1, Ground Floor) in South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan. Riche Montana Bakery is a Japanese bakery and they sell super looking and delicious breads, cakes and pastries. A rather obscure location selling such luxurious and expensive items but surprisingly they are well patronised. Apparently there is a small Japanese community in Seri Kembangan/Balakong since there are some Japanese factories around the area. I must thank my two friends whom recommended them to me.

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