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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Only For Fans Of Thomas The Train

I was passing by Sungai Wang Plaza (the grand old dame of Bukit Bintang - it's a very popular mall since the 70s) yesterday evening and I couldn't resist stopping by the concourse. All because of this...


I was so excited after sighting the towering layers and layers of blue train tracks!!! Hahaha this is no ordinary train tracks but those made by Tomy, the famous Japanese toy maker! This is the roal and rail edition. Just like the crowd you see in the picture above, I was like them too... stood mesmerised!!! Well, it's not that I used to play with such luxurious stuff when I was a kid... more like hubby started off the thang by carted boiboi, a box of Thomas the Train set from Hong Kong. My brother-in-law then gave boiboi another set on his birthday, followed by my aunt from Singapore, all not knowing we have one set at home. Luckily they've gotten different set for boiboi which means we have been creative, mixing and matching plus extending the tracks to unimaginable lengths and circles.

If your child loved train, do get him/her a set. You can start with 20 piece starter set which is priced around RM69.90 or there about. Yup, pricey but it's really worth it when you start to get the extended accessories. Your child can get creative in setting up the tracks in whatever way they fancy and yes these tracks are extremely children and parents friendly. Very easy to assemble - this I can guarantee cos my boiboi knew how to do this plus we have gone thru some frustration installing some alcheapo car racing tracks that took all our might and strength. In fact boiboi once asked us "Let's play Thomas the Train, let's build together" <- PRICELESS!!! Don't wait ok, bring your children over to Sungai Wang Plaza today and let them go wild! The Tomy Toys Fair is held at the concourse level, just in front of Coffee Bean from 19 - 26 December 2005. Check out up close... on different angles.




I chatted with one of the 5 guys who assembled the whole thing there. He said took them one night to design and set up. He recommended me to get a special edition set for my boiboi. Whoa I was blown by this set! The train actually let out steam on its err chimney or was it funnel? All you need to do is add some water on certain hole and voila... steam gushing out... hohoho I got it down on video but I need to make it smaller in size before I can upload here. And by the way, these tracks can be used for the Japanese bullet train sets!

UPDATED 22 December 2005: Here are the videos...

Disclaimer: I do not work for Tomy nor the distributor of Tomy toys Malaysia hehehe! This review cum plug is entirely based on my own experience and opinion. Good things are meant to be shared. *wink*

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