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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Ways With English Muffin

Gee I hoped everyone had had a wonderful time ushering the new year. May the New Year bring you happiness and peace, and the strength and courage to follow your dreams. May you forget the weight of yesterday and focus on the path ahead, guided by your heart and the light of hope. May you find beauty in everything and goodness in every heart. And may you always remember that you are blessed.

Life has been hectic both at home and work. I have very little time catching up with all the postings by all the food bloggers, so I'm kinda pretty lost and out of touch of the blogsphere. I have thousands and one pictures (back from December) but sad to say I don't have much time to process them, let alone writing them up here. So, updates here gonna be sporadic. Gosh... and Chinese New Year is coming along pretty soon too!!!!

Anyway, I got grounded at home sometime last month for having sore eyes. I managed to have some "alone" time catching up on my sleep (I sleep very little these days... I usually knock off around 1.00am or later and wakes up around 6.00am) and reading up blogs that I've missed. Knowing very well that I'll be grounded all alone, I got myself some English Muffins from Meidi-ya Fresh Bakery. I've no idea if this Meidi-ya is related to the Japanese store but all I know this bakery bakes loads of cottony soft Japanese breads and pastries. I'm sort of addicted with their breads since they first opened in Kuala Lumpur way back in the mid 80s. I can claim that ALL (better don't put this, just to be polite hehehe) most of their concoctions are delicious down to the last bite and they do not stinge with their fillings or toppings.

These English Muffins were introduced a few months back and I was rather happy to say they tasted utmost delicious. I got the wholemeal ones but they have the plain ones too. Surprisingly to know that English Muffins were originated from America hahaha yeah... you can read them all here and here. There are 4 muffins in one pack (sorry forgot the price) and here are some quick and easy ways I went round to feed myself.

After going thru my larder and fridge, I found a small can of baked beans which is near expiring and some celery and carrots (for my juicing). I stir fried the chopped celery and carrots with some olive oil before adding the baked beans and some water. Dished up and topped with some freshly ground black pepper. Woooshhhh... delish OK, but then again I might be biased cos I simply loved baked beans in any style. I served this with buttered muffin.

english muffin1

For my next meal, I checked up my larder (yes, I have a pretty large one, 4 tiered tall pull-out cabinet filled to the brim with foodstuff, kekekeke like magic only, anything also can be found inside) and I took out one can of TC Boy Tuna with Mayonnaise. I kinda like TC Boy's tuna with mayo cos it's not too creamy and sweet, best it has some corn bits in there and I forgot what else that I liked. Buttered my muffins, spread some tuna mayo and topped with grated carrots plus a slice of cheddar cheese. Heh, another way to devour the muffins.

english muffin2

Next, I spread the tuna mayo mixed with grated carrots on the muffins. Topped with grated cheddar cheese and toast it using a mini oven toaster. Mmmmm another tasty way with the muffins.

english muffin3

Well, this is the lazy person way of taking care of her meals at home alone even though restaurants, hawker stalls and 7-11 are merely a stone throw away hahahaha but seriously speaking, I loved bread so much that I can just eat them all the time even for all my meals :p Anyone up to making me a sandwich???


nora muhammad said...

i love the cheesecake sold in meidi ya...anyway i thot english muffin does originate fr england, n the shape is almost like a scone, n that their american counterpart looks like a cupcake.

Babe_KL said...

hi hershey, well i'm not so sure about them but i know english scones in America is known as biscuits. muffins are somewhat like cupcake but denser in texture. english muffins texture is like bread.