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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 27 January 2006

IMBB#22: Use Your Noodle

Wow time really flies and had I not gone into Is My Blog Burning yesterday, I won't know there is one IMBB this month. This round is hosted by Amy of Cooking With Amy. The theme is Use Your Noodle, so all sorts of noodles ie. rice, pasta, spinach noodles etc are allowed. Well not that I really cooked something for this event but so happened I had some noodles last weekend so why not submit this for IMBB#22.

Before I went to the market that day, I checked my fridge and found I have some herbal soup stock frozen up, a leftover actually made of kampung (free range) chicken and a packet of Chinese herbs (I forgot what combination, will post them up later). Since I didn't have time to cook up some dishes to go with rice, I decided to cook some soup noodles. Whilst at the market, I looked around and bought a variation of fishballs, fish cake and stuff made from fish paste (some of them looked like surimi). Checked the loh shue fun (Cantonese literally translated as rat tail noodles, hehehe actually it does not contained any rat hahahaha just that it's a type of rice noodles where the shape looked like one fat rat's tail.) and one packet for the three of us would not be enough whilst two packets will be too much. So I ended up with a packet of fresh udon. Next I bought some tong hoe (Garland Chrysanthemum, hubby hates this but since I liked it, he would still have to tolerate them kekekeke).

Went home and washed up everything. First I boiled my soup and added in salt (usually I don't add salt for my Chinese style soup) and garlic oil. Next I dumped in the udon and the various fish paste stuff. I've also added some sliced chicken fillet marinaded with some soy sauce and cornflour. Then added in the Chrysanthemum leaves before dishing up. Do not over cook the udon else it will be too soft. Simple lunch for us.

Thanks Amy for hosting this round of IMBB. Will post up the photo later when I get home.

UPDATED 29 Jan 2006: Here's the pic...


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