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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 22 December 2005

Christmas At The Shopping Malls

I've added in 2 videos of Thomas the Train thingy. Hop over and check them out.

We'll be celebrating tropical Christmas in Malaysia and there is not much atmosphere as compared to the whole stretch of Orchard Road, Singapore. The most we get close to that are the decorations and event held at shopping malls and hotels. I've no idea how come I've gone or passed by so many malls lately... not that I shopped much. Anyway, I'll let the photos do the talking.

This is Sungai Wang Plaza's concourse. They're having some Power Ranger theme kinda event and also the Tomy Toys Fair.


Bangsar Shopping Complex all decked in red and they have stalls lined up selling cookies, trinkets and chocolates.



Over in Suria KLCC, the theme this year is Golden Memories. It's a nice change in the decor of the tall Christmas tree from the usual purple baubles.

suria4 suria2

suria1 suria5 suria3 suria6

So far the decor in Midvalley Megamall was the most awesome (to me). There is even snow fall over at North Court for the promotion of Chipsmore Chocolate Chips Cookie with (errr I didn't really check the sample pack given to boiboi) white spots of something. How apt! Check the schedule when they "Let it Snow!!!" hahaha. It's pretty fun and amused to see the young and old got so excited over it. Children were seen stomping and grabbing the soap foam dropping from the machine, well including my boiboi. His first encouter of this was last Christmas over at Bangsar Shopping Complex. This time his initial reaction was like super blur not knowing why there are so many people staring up and suddenly specks of whitish stuff dropped onto him. There are some characters in their vibrant costumes and mime character giving away sample packs of the cookies.

mvm05 - chipsmore

mvm06 - chipsmore mvm09 - chipsmore

mvm04 - chipsmore mvm03 - chipsmore mvm02 - chipsmore

Some cutie snowmen at the other side near MPH Bookshop.

mvm08 snowman

The grand stage at Centre Court.

mvm02 centre

mvm01 centre
Wishing all of you a Blessed Christmas!


KittyCat said...

Hey Babe!

Great photos of all the malls - don't even have to go to KL to imagine the different set-ups there.

Also, like the shiny, nice new look on your blog!

All the best of 2006,

Babe_KL said...

thanks kittycat. i hope u r doing fine and i cant wait to see your baby coming your way soon ;) have a safe delivery!