Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Yet Another One On Glutinous Rice Dumpling

Ok Ok I'm breaking my earlier promise that THIS will be the last on rice dumpling (bak chang). However, I found something that is so hard to resist to write about. What??!?


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Got it?? Hahaha these are the modern way of getting your dumplings all wrapped up in plastics!!!! Gosh these are freeze dried dumplings found in the freezer section of the supermarkets. The manufacturer, KG, started coming out with them last year. My aunty was so curious how they taste like, she bought a few of Regular and Nyonya flavoured ones and we tried them out at my parents' place. BTW, I forgot to check if they are halal or not but I think they should be.

My mother steamed them up and by the time I fished one out to eat, I saw the instruction that says one need to cut some slits on the plastic before steaming. Aiyah, my mother didn't and luckily they did not explode in the pot whilst steaming! Phewww... These dumplings can be microwaved as well. Very convenient huh?

Once the plastic wrapper is removed for the Nyonya dumpling, it revealed one piece of bamboo leave wrapped loosely around the dumpling. I guess the leave is there to re-create the bamboo leave fragrance in the dumpling. Hmmm kinda oily.

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I dug open the Nyonya dumpling and inside there are some dried shrimps, sambal udang kering (dried shrimps sambal) and one piece of black mushroom. The glutinous rice is infused with a reddish oily tinge that came from the sambal udang kering. Taste wise, the rice is kinda dry. What to expect from freeze dried stuff?? Maybe also because mother did not cut some slits first before steaming??? The sambal was ok, not too spicy but there are just too little of them. My general verdict would be - this dumpling is good for those who craved for rice dumplings beyond Dumpling Festival or in the middle of the night. Great for those who are residing overseas and homesicked for some rice dumplings.

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I've blogged about the Alkaline Glutinous Rice Dumpling (kee chang) but the photo showed one with red bean fillings. I've one here that is plain served with kaya. This one is near perfect as the glutinous rice you can see here is kinda translucent. Very springy in texture... lovely.

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Ok enough said! No more rice dumplings for the year!


  1. hi babe_kl! I love your post of rice dumplings or bak chang!! beautiful pics! you're making me hungry!! Keep up the good work!

  2. babe_kl,

    Instant Bak Chang?? COOLNESS!! They do think of everything nowadays dont they?

    -Makan Kings-

  3. Kee Chang with Kaya!!! **DROOL!!!**

  4. Yes, Makan King hehehe...

    dafthamsta, tahan ok :p


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