Thursday, 2 June 2005

Liang Xin

liangxin card

Hahaha there is no new restaurant in town named Liang Xin. Today no food talk ok, today is pampering day :) My darling hubby treated me a pampering session at a rather new reflexology centre in the city, Liang Xin is the name. Since they were opened less than 2 months, they were offering a very reasonable package that is so hard to refuse. They charged us RM100 for one session of foot reflexology and one session of accupressure body massage. The normal price per session is RM80. I'm not sure how long this promotion last, so if you wanna check them up, better hurry!!!

The moment we walked in, we were impressed with it's oriental decor which looked very exclusive. I checked their brochure and it says "Where Kings Relax". Looks like their moto and tagline for the business.

liangxin photos

Check how happy this particular Emperor (King) seems to be enjoying himself.

liangxin emperor

Wait!!! Look properly at the Emperor again!!!! Hahahaha did you notice something on his hand???? Yes...

liangxin emperor wid ipod

What a funky Emperor... kekekeke he has got an iPOD and listening to it too. Well true to its tag, Liang Xin actually do provide you an iPOD upon request if you choose to isolate yourself from their pipe-in music and the din created by your "neighbours". This is not a hanky panky place ok cos the massage area is kinda open concept, only separated with a thin blind. They have two huge area where one is for female and the other for male. Since business is new and there is not many customers, only one area is in operation. However, if you opt for a ladies only area, I'm sure they can accommodate.

liangxin pavillion

Back to their tagline "Where Kings Relax", it's really true to their words. Fruit juices are served and they're freeflow. Premium Chinese Tea is available too. Fresh premium fruits are provided. Really shiok (Malay word for enjoyable)! Everything served are healthy things... hmmmmm... I'm already impressed!

Since we have opted 2 sessions, we went for the foot reflexology first. When I heard they're using the Taiwanese method, I nearly fainted... gosh this method is painful type... sweating already hahaha... First the masseur (you can opt for a male or female) came and wipe clean my feet with a damp towel. Next they place my feet into a basin of warm water and they keep adding hot water inside. Super hot hot... but it was supposed to make the blood circulate. When I removed my feet, I can feel the melt down effect. It's so relaxing. Whilst the masseur wipe dry, another person came and gave me a shoulder rub. Wahhhh 2 staff pampering at the same time, really made me feel like a Queen! Then one staff came with a bottle of hand lotion and gave us a quick hand massage. They placed a warm pad at my back and asked me to lean back. Shiok shiok man!

Next... the foot reflexology session. I'm usually very tense when it come to this cos I really can't stand the itchiness hehehehehahahahehehe gosh I can stand the pain but this is super geli (itchy in Malay). Poor masseur have to keep on telling me to relax. Me hubby is an expert in relaxing... already lying down and relaxing whilst I squirm around. Anyway, this is not as painful but very relaxing instead. Did I tell you how shiok it was??? This went on for about 45 minutes. More juices, warm water and fruits were served.

I went on to change to a tee shirt and shorts provided by them since I was in my work clothes. Poor hubby can't fit into their tee shirt hahaha... I seriously think he need to go on a diet!

My masseur seems to be an experienced lady and she went on and on for the next one hour, pressing and kneading the pressure points. I peered at my hubby, aiks he seems to be going on a Thai massage kinda thingy. I learnt that his masseur is giving him some kind of chiropractic type of massage. The friendly centre's owner was around to serve and explain to us the process and so forth. Nice fella.

Two hours gone by and our pampering session came to an end. We linger on for a while chatting with the owner and we found out more information about the centre. They do have staff from the People's Republic of China and you may request to have them to massage you. They have other services too like facial, manicure and pedicure. Perfect for a all-girls-outting. Listen my chee muis (sisters in Cantonese), one day we all go ok ;) Very shiok one.

On my way out, hey I saw one Malay staff... cool! Pretty muhibbah (harmonious in Malay) eh!

I had a great time, relaxing like a Queen whilst my hubby like a King. They do have packages where 2, 3 or 4 masseur attend to you at one time. Yes... to make you feel like an Empress or Emperor!!! Extremely shiok ok.

On our personal note, not that we really enjoyed the body massage cos we've tried better place than this. I personally prefered the Malay traditional massage where the makcik (aunty in Malay) really unknot all the tired muscles plus they provide cures to various ailments. The makcik I used to visit, managed to get rid of the wind off my body especially calves. Ermmm she used her thumb and pressed into belly button AND she told me the maximum number of children that I can bear! Yes, she did that... well, I'm not telling what's the number until it really bear any truth hehehehe...

If you feel like some pampering yourself, do try them out here...
Lots 1-01 & 1-02 Level 1, Wisma Bukit Bintang (opposite Low Yat Plaza's BB Park)
28 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2145 2663

liangxin map

Don't forget to bring along your partner!!!

Thank you my darling *muaks* He's such a sweetie!


  1. thanks for the tips.

    i noticed it weeks ago but never try.


  2. this place is not recommended. bad bad, service! masseuse was very rude and talk bad about us not going for the body massage package.

  3. masseuse gave us a sour face after we refused. i just wanted a reflex session as i had another appointment elsewhere. she starting insulting us in chinese! i know a few bad chinese words when i hear it! later on she rushed the massage and we didnt felt anything out of it. where's the "pamper you like a king" motto?? sheessh...avoid! i rather go to those cheaper local reflex masseuse who's more experienced than those china women.

  4. sorry for your bad experience neuro, the times we have been there, they were local masseurs. perhaps time have changed cos we haven't gone back for some years.


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