Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Glutinous Rice Dumpling aka Bak Chang

Now come the exciting part of Duan Wu Jie or Dumpling Festival, haha the rice dumpling or also commonly known as bak chang (in Hokkien dialect) or ham yuk chung (in Cantonese dialect).

This year I've the pleasure to get hold of some homemade Hakka and Hokkien chungs. My parents have lovely neighbours who gave loads of chungs to my family knowing that my mother doesn't know how to make them. Mother don't make, hence, me also don't know how to make it too hehehe.

First one up is Hakka chung. Looked ordinary pyramid shaped.

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This is how it looked like once removing the bamboo leaves. The dark spots are actually red beans. The special part of this chung lies in the usage of some coconut milk in the glutinous rice which looked whitish here.

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Now, since this is homemade, see the ingredients bursting to the seams?? It has salted egg yolk, chestnut, mushroom, dried shrimps and a piece of meat. This chung have a slight fragrant which I can't tell until I learnt that it has coconut milk in it. Very very lovely and delicious.

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I have some Hokkien chung here. Basically looked the same type of pyramid. The Hokkiens used dark soya sauce here, hence the glutinous rice looked darker in colour.

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Once opened up revealed loads of mung beans, mushroom, a piece of meat and some dried shrimps. Hmmm this is also yummy.

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I miss having alkaline (karn shui or kee chang) ones. Will get some soon to eat with kaya (a type of egg custard jam).

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