Friday, 24 June 2005

June's Mambo Jambo

As the Malaysian bloggers primming up for the PPS 2nd Anniversary Bash, I was gearing up for a pampering session with my chee muis (sisters in Cantonese).

Mambo Jambo was coined in one of our many outings usually all gurls only with some bois occasionally as our special guests. How it came about, I'm not gonna have my loud mouth open. Hahaha I remember "someone" kept smsing asking where were we that night (which btw was not any of our partners)!!! Yesterday's Mambo Jambo was called for after my chee muis - Miss Sweet 16 and Cyrene, saw my Liang Xin's post.

We were chatting and then suddenly everyone asking "WHEN??" Aiyah after all the dings dongs we finally decided to pamper ourselves yesterday evening. I headed over to Liang Xin and waited for the 2 princesses to arrive and finally they did. Off we went...

We were quickly ushered into the massage pavillions and changed into comfy clothings. I've gotten a local uncle to perform the foot reflexology and acupressure massage, whilst the 2 princesses gotten themselves YOUNG Cina-mali (China origin) bois. Lucky that place pretty dim else I would have protested! Hehehe... anyway Cyrene and myself were like squirming every now and then during the torturous reflexology at certain time it was more like ticklish rather than pain. Goshhh... what have we gotten ourselves into????

From my location, I can see both of them but I was wondering why Miss Sweet 16's whole body was shakin' whilst she was chatting using her latest 3G phone (jealous). Hmmm never mind...

After that one torturous hour, we have our body massaged by the same guys since there weren't sufficient lady masseurs around that day. Darn why the hell I called for booking?? Cheh, tak boleh pakai (cannot be used in Malay) one. Well not that we really mind... so I was in bliss, kinda pain especially when uncle pressed hard on those tangled knots but at the same time it's nice. Am I sick or what?? I must stressed, it's very shiok!

Since Miss Sweet 16 was the furthest away from me, all I could hear was giggling and laughing... NO, NO, it's not her, it was her masseur. He was laughing to himself and kept mopping his head with a towel. I was wondering why until she told us what happened during dinner. Hahahaha apparently this fella kept on asking Miss Sweet 16 if it's painful or not and she kept telling him no. I think he really use all his mighty strength trying to penetrate her pain threshold but somehow he did not succeed kakaka... Well she have regular massage sessions, so she had gotten used to them, that's why. Then she said he was kinda rough at certain times... kakaka now I know why her whole body shakin' during the foot reflexology. Poor fella! Next time if he see her again, I doubt he would want to service her kekekeke.

After we were done and gotten downstairs, Miss Sweet 16 complained she was hungry and started to sing this repeatedly "Siu kai yek, hoe hoe sek..." (grilled chicken wing, very nice to eat in Cantonese. Hahaha made famous by Stephen Chow in one of his movies.)

For the locals, they'll know about this famous Wong Ah Wah Grilled Chicken Wings at Jalan Alor. It's located right at the end of this famous street and has been around for decades. They serve other dishes, fried noodles, grilled fish as well.

As we sat for dinner of grilled chicken wings, Hokkien noodles, fried lai pak with loads of garlic and siong tong lala (lala cooked in superior soup in Cantonese); we were comparing notes over our pampering session. So many hilarious moments BUT we're going to be back hahaha... Thank you, gurls for the wonderful time. Can't wait for July's Mambo Jambo!!!!

So here's the aftermath...

Image hosted by
Photos courtesy from Miss Sweet 16 using the latest Nokia's 3G phone which I forgot what the heck model number :p

Psstt... you guys noticed my plate?

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