Friday, 24 June 2005

Is My Blog Burning No. 16: Eggs!

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I was so eggcited when I read that this month's theme is eggs, well just about any type of eggs. Is My Blog Burning's (IMBB) 16th installment is hosted by Viv of Seattle Bon Vivant. Thank you Viv for thinking up such a great theme.

I'm so egg flushed as there are many many types of eggs, let alone the many ways of cooking them too. Egg is so versatile. You can cook it sweet or savoury and the possibilities are endless!

In my mind, I was conjuring what I could possibily cook up for this IMBB. Arrrgggghh I was egged... there were just too many things I can make with them... Hmmm however, when the date neared deadline, I picked something easy instead. Since I didn't have time to cook for lunch nor dinner over the weekend, I decided to make tong shui (sweet soup in Cantonese) again hahaha. Well, I boil tong shui almost every weekend, so why not huh??

As I walked into the Chinese medicine hall cum mini market (it's quite common to find such shops in the suburbs in Malaysia selling Chinese herbs and groceries), immediately on the right they placed trays and trays of eggs (all sorts in fact, regular, omega, and gosh know what else) but those cute lil quail eggs caught my eyes. So what can I do with them leh???

Went down the pre-packed herbs aisle and saw rows and rows of soups and herbs. Aha finally nailed down on the pack that say Luk Mei "something" hahaha sorry ler, I can't read Chinese characters but I know the first character though, it was Six. *stick out tongue*

We have something that called Luk Mei tong shui which literally translated as Six Types (of ingredients). The six ingredients are as shown below:

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Clockwise starting from top right is dried longans, dried lotus seeds, wai sharn (correct arh??), dried lily buds, I've no idea what is the name (anyone?) and yuk juk. I'm terrible with Chinese herbs name. I only know how to eat them *grin*.

In one pot hard boil the quail eggs. Once it's done, let them cool down before shelling them. The trick to shell eggs easily in one peel is knock the egg evenly all over on a hard surface, then roll the egg with your palm on a hard surface a few times. The shells will come off in a few peels. Try it, it makes shelling eggs so much easier especially quail eggs!

Wash the six ingredients up and place them inside a pot. Filled with loads of water and boil till lotus seeds are soft. Usually take about an hour or more depending on the heat used. Should the water dried up more than necessary, remember to top up with some hot water. The ratio of ingredients with water depends on your liking. If you prefer more liquid then use more water. Add some rock sugar to taste.

Lastly add in the quail eggs and serve the tong shui either hot or cold.

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Thank you Viv for hosting this round of IMBB.


  1. babe_kl,

    OOOOHhhhhh!!! EGGS! Cant live without them!! Egg mayo, soft boil eggs, century egg, hard boil eggs...................................

    -Makan Kings-


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