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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Mien Sien Soup

**Non-halal Post**

Hubby was feeling under the weather recently and he gotten sick of eating bread. I told him I'm gonna cook him some mien sien (Cantonese for fine wheat noodle or popularity known as mee suah in Hokkien) soup. He gave me that "urrrghh" face and turned down my offer. He said he don't wanna eat sick people's food. Aiyoh this man hor dang picky! I have to tell him I'm cooking a different style and finally he gave in as his stomach started to growl. Hahaha... yay!

I've got some lean meat which I've cut half into tiny strips and minced the other half. Added in some soya sauce and cornflour to marinade for a while. Boil some water enough to make a soup base. I placed in some garlic oil (fry chopped garlic in oil till golden brown) with heaps of garlic (this gives the soup a very nice fragrant). When it's boiled roll the minced meat into balls with a spoon and dropped them into the water. Add in the meat strips.

I've a packet of Szechuan preserved vegetable (char choy in Cantonese) which already been cut into strips. I prefer to use these as they're not so salty. Washed them before adding into the soup. I've some fishballs which went in too. Lastly I put in some yin choy (Chinese spinach in Cantonese). Season the soup with some salt to taste. You may add in white pepper powder as well.

In a separate pot, cook the mien sien in boiling water for a short while depending on which type of mien sien you're using. The thick ones need a longer cooking time. Dish it up in a bowl and ladle in the ingredients plus soup. Served hot.

Hubby ate up everything including the soup :-)

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