Friday, 1 October 2010

Thai Basil Omelette

Thai Basil Omelette

I had a handful of Thai basil leaves and I did not want to keep them any longer as the leaves tend to bruise and blacken in time. So what to do with them? I usually make egg dropped soup or this omelette which is so simple but fragrant. I was afraid BoiBoi might not like the smell of basil but since it's an omelette, he ate them all up!

I just lightly beat a couple of eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper. Drop in shredded leaves or you can keep them whole. Put a bit of oil in a hot pan and pour over the egg mixture. Fry till lightly browned. Easy peasy.

I've also served this as Basil Omelette and Roasted Peppers Open Sandwich.


  1. I cannot accept the smell of basil leaves =.="

  2. If you have cili padi can add some chicken together with basil and have stir fired thai basil chicken ;)

  3. So simple, yet so nice and beautiful. You can try to make them the Thai way too: add some chili padi and fish sauce then fry the egg until fluffy in boiling hot oil! :)

  4. interesting combination! should try this out one day! thanks for sharing!

    its FRIDAY! Have a lovely weekend!
    jen @

  5. I like this dish a lot! Something I would cook as well.

  6. Aww Choi Yen, you should over come the smell cos it taste fantastic

    Unka, :( my boiboi is not chili padi trained yet

    Jon, yes yes but the thing is I hate deep frying LOL

    Jen, this is easy peasy and nice

    LCOM ;-) YAY

  7. Hi, am new here! That omelette is simply irresistible...loved it! :D


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