Monday, 4 October 2010

Nasi Kerabu and Ayam Percik

I'm not a very good student I must say at least. So far of all the cooking classes I've ever attended, I hardly cook up those recipes that I've learnt with all sorts of excuses even though my heart had wanted to recreate :p very shameful indeed eh? However, by far, I've done Kuih Talam twice which I've learnt from our Kampung Cuisine at Bayan Indah!!! The first was a disaster as I've used the air kapur (lime water) straight from the container without diluting with water. Since it was quite concentrated it gave the green layer a bitter taste! Then the texture was rather wobbly. The next round, I added water to the air kapur and reduce some water from my green layer. I managed to somehow get a quite decent Kuih Talam but not good enough to be photographed hehe.

The next I have always wanted to make is Nasi Kerabu (herb rice salad)  and Ayam Percik (spiced, grilled chicken) but my excuse would be it's kinda hard to get Malay herbs in my area and it would be too much if I ever buy them even in small bundles :p

Anyway I seized the chance when I was at Bayan Indah on a Saturday. I helped myself to her garden. I had a galore snipping the herbs in small quantities but in quite a number of varieties in there. I have gotten some daun kesum, daun cekur, daun kaduk, ulam raja, mint leaves, daun kunyit, daun limau purut, daun selom and Thai basil. Thank you Rohani for the leaves!

Ayam Percik & Nasi Kerabu

The next day, I cooked up both Nasi Kerabu and Ayam Percik. They turned out pretty well and I'm quite glad that BoiBoi did eat up the rice. Funny he finds the chicken a bit hot even though I've halved the amount of chillies but he asked for some gravy to put on his rice :p

Ayam Percik simmering in pan
Chicken simmering in the pan before grilling

Oh yeah, I've made my own kerisik too!!! Very unimaginable! If my grandma is a Malay, she would be dang proud of me! Hehe... hard work ok stirring the grated coconut for like 25 minutes in the wok!


For my own record, cook the rice earlier so they would have more time to cool down and firm up.

Sorry I can't provide the recipes here since the class is still on going at Bayan Indah. Sign up for one :D

Oh yeah, if you're interested to join us (food bloggers lah) for private classes at Bayan Indah, email me so that I can keep you in the loop for our next classes. I've organised one for some food bloggers 2 months back and there should be one before the year ends.


I'm submitting this for Muhibbah Malaysian Monday blog event. This event is the brainchild of  Shaz (Test With A Skewer) and Suresh (3 Hungry Tummies). Read more here.


  1. Thanks for taking part! What a wonderful dish for the event. I am looking forward to trying out the recipe :)

  2. Looks delicious! I'd love to taste that ayam percik. Can you make some for us? We'll be in KL next week...

  3. awww man.. looks so good i can almost SMELL IT!

  4. Oooooh. Looks good! love yummy carbs especially when there is lots of curry to go with it...

  5. Oooooh. Looks good! love yummy carbs especially when there is lots of curry to go with it...

  6. Well done! Yr ayam percik looks like a very tame version, hehe!

  7. I like the colorful nasi kerabu. Frankly I am not sure I have tasted it before.

  8. Well done. I'd pat myself on the back too with a meal like that. Good job!

    Heard Rohani's doing a xmas class.

  9. The nasi kerabu looks really good Babe! See...if I had wanted to take a class, that and the ayam percik would have been on my list of to-learn...maybe you can just share with me instead?

  10. lets cook together babe! hehe i wouldnt mind joining you guys in the kitchen to cook some stuff :D

    by the way, where's chef alvin leung's event post!? :(

  11. Can't help drooling over the ayam percik and the nasi kerabu is so mouthwatering!

  12. My BAD!!!! for not replying all comments, not sure how I missed this out. Anyway thanks and will keep in mind those who are interested to come for the bloggers class.

  13. HI Babe, thanks so much for joining MM, and with these mouthwatering ayam percik and nasi kerabu to boot! Wish I could attend that class, I miss ayam percik soooo much...drool.

  14. It has been a great pleasure Shaz ;-)

  15. ah they look so good! almost salivating and then my heart was crushed when i found out.. cannot share recipe! ah >< all the same, you've inspired me to go search for them! yum yum

  16. Sorry Shu Han for that but I'm sure there are tonnes of similar recipes out there. Next time you're in KL, perhaps you can sign up for a Kampung Cuisine class.


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