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Review: Restoran Peng Heong Hakka Paikut & Cendol Klang

**Non-Halal for Restoran Peng Heong**

It must have been a while since J the chocoholic had mentioned to PureGlutton that she would like to have a Klang food crawl but so far has not found the right time for one yet. I did tried to organise one for the August babies but so happen it was a Selangor state holiday and J had to work that day. Sorry J.

We arranged to meet somewhere before Klang so that PureGlutton can lead us to this Restoran Peng Heong Hakka Paikut. The restaurant is located in a corner unit hence it's rather spacious and quite clean to boot. We saw some chopping actions right up front of the shop cause that's where they chop the chicken and paikut (spareribs)!

Coming here, of course we have to order their signature Hakka paikut which is essentially deep fried marinaded pork spareribs. The marinade really hit the tummy as it's really flavourful. Even though the spareribs have a large piece of meat attached, they're not fried to the death. Very good this one.

Hakka Paikut (spareribs)

Then we have this Claypot Mutton Curry. The mutton was braised till super tender but the flavours were not memorable. There's still a bit of the gamey smell detected.

Claypot mutton

Wooo we next have some Hakka meatballs! The meatballs are true Hakka style of being salty. Well that's because I'm used to bland food. These meatballs are soft on the inside but incredibly crispy on the outside. Again not over fried, very nice indeed especially dipped in their chilli sauce. My BoiBoi's fave of the day cos he kept asking for more.

Hakka Meatballs

A standard vegetable dish of blanched lettuce with oyster sauce and garlic oil.

Yau Choy (lettuce)

I asked for this Tofu in Minced Meat Sauce for BoiBoi which is just an ok dish but the homemade tofu is smooth.

Tofu in minced meat sauce

PureGlutton liked the Assam Fish here and I totally understand why. The hot and sourish gravy for the kembung fish made me craved for more rice.

Assam kembung

Not sure how much the bill was for 5 adults and one child since Capt'n Hook paid for it but as far as I understand it was pretty decent.

Check what PureGlutton had blogged about Restoran Peng Heong Hakka Paikut.

After lunch, PureGlutton took us over to Klang Cendol which is just within walking distance for dessert! I was told they started of from a stall in front of the shoplot and moved into one after in business for 20 years. Now this is what I call perseverance and success!

Cendol Klang

The cendol was made right in front of us. First shave the ice into bowls, then scoop in the red beans and pulut (if you have opted for them) before ladles of coconut milk with cendol is poured over the ice. Then a final curtain of gula melaka (palm) syrup is drizzle over. There's a chest filled with ice-creams so you can opt for some to top it off but then it won't be authentic right?

Cendol Klang in the making

Normal Version of Cendol

One spoonful into my mouth did indeed cool me off that hot afternoon! Loved how the cendol is well balanced plus they serve both red beans and kidney beans in there!!! These are not canned definitely and it really made my day ;-)

Normal cendol loaded with red beans and  kidney beans

I tried a bit of the pulut from Capt'n Hook's bowl and it's springy, not hard like some places.

Cendol with glutinous rice

With a good quality of thick gula melaka syrup, creamy coconut milk with plump cendol and red beans plus kidney beans...  no wonder they held it thru so many years!

Other than cendol, I noticed on the board that they serve rojak as well.

Thank you to PureGlutton and her family for bringing us to 2 such wonderful places :D

Restoran Peng Heong Hakka Paikut
Jalan Gudang Nanas 3
Off Jalan Pasar
Klang, Selangor
Tel: 019 260 0855/012 236 9855

Cendol Klang
78, Jalan Nanas,
Klang, Selangor
Operation hours: 11.00am – 7.30pm


  1. I'm so sad I missed out on this makan trip!! :( :(
    (The photo of the yummy pai kut is calling out to me......)

  2. Looking at those pics now sure makes my tummy growl, haha! The paikut is LL's favourite too!
    Such a nice makan outing we had hoh! :D Let's do another one soon!

  3. Ahhh... My fav Klang food (aside from the BKT) and dessert! We did the same trip to both places last year i think :)

  4. Looks good and I miss a bowl of cendol. Haven't had it for years!

  5. The Hakka Pai Kut looks so good and looks at that cendol with santan goodness! Love it!

  6. J & PG, let's arrange for the next trip!

    Jason, wanna join in for our next trip?

    LCOM, possible to make your own cendol?

    Angie, yes they are all delish!

  7. Ooh, looking at this makes me want to go back to KL right now! Really miss the taste of cendol. Tambah satu lagi, ya!

  8. the price is definitely cheap to dine at Peng Heong! I had lunch and tapao some for my sisters.. cost me slightly more than RM30!
    The owners are very friendly too and will oblige if you want to take their pictures.
    You remind me on how long I have not gone back there for the paikut! I am craving for the meatballs and asam fish too!

  9. I love the meat balls too just like how ur boiboi love them :P

  10. Can I join on the next trip then? :)
    Let's eat Bak Kut Teh for breakfast, or Hainan cuisine at Pork Klang, or even this spare ribs king.

  11. Wow... all the dishes look so tempting! I will definitely try to cendol. Thanks for your post and review! :)

  12. Your deliciously, LOL come to KL quick then!

    Leo, wah the owners like to camwhore? :p

    Choi Yen, I like them too cos so crispy and tasty

    Can!!! J2Kfm, just let us know when you coming ok.

    Hope you'll enjoy them as much as we did Erica

    Click2 Culinary, hehehe yes yes especially on a hot day like today!

  13. Yums. I love Hakka meatballs but I agree - it can be a tad salty sometimes. I usually temper it with a lot of rice... but I guess carbo-phobes are not gonna like this method of reducing the saltiness. :P

  14. Kenny, I just ladle lots of the sourish chilli sauce over :p


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