Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Review: Restoran Yee Sang Fatt


Actually, we didn't meant to have dinner at Restoran Yee Sang Fatt as both of us together with It's Sew Good and her hubby was supposed to head to Jalan Alor for Lanatir to bring us to eat Sichuan food but alas it was a Monday the Sichuan food stall was closed. So Lanatir asked us to head over to Pudu instead to check out another of his favourite Chinese dai chau (big fry) place. It is quite easy to locate since we know where is Huen Kee Claypot Chicken Rice. It's just the road (Jalan Gajah) before Huen Kee and opposite Gereja Methodist (Kantonis) Pudu.

We have asked Lanatir to order the food since he got there first. First up was Siong Tong Lala (Clams in Superior Broth). Wahhh I like this one! The soup is sweet laden with a very fragrant Chinese cooking wine. Slurpilicious till the last drop.

Siong Tong lala

We have a signature tofu dish which is essentially tofu mashed with fish meat and some other ingredients before being cut up and deep fried. Quite standard this one.

Signature Deep Fried Tofu

I was delighted to see this Deep Fried Brinjal dish! I had similar dish at Restoran Hua Xing which was so memorable. The deep fried brinjals are stirred with chopped dried shrimps, garlic and spring onions, lovely! Yee Sang Fatt version has thicker brinjal which is crispy on the outside but retain a soft texture on the inside. Hua Xing's version is crispy all over. I like both ways :p which spells "tham jiak" (greedy)

Deep fried Brinjals

I have to agree with Lanatir that the steamed fish is the star attraction here. This one uses "Shong" fish head. Steamed in good quality soy sauce, ginger, garlic and topped with deep fried shallots and spring onions. A fresh fish doesn't need to be dressed up fanciful!

Steamed Shong Fish head

Our last dish of stir fried nai pak choy, no doubt easy but it's filled with wok hei. Nice as the veggies still retained its crunch.

Stirfried Nai Pak Choy

I lost the receipt but it's rather cheap I would say, just over RM100 for these dishes, rice and a pot of Chinese tea. Definitely a great place to go again.

Restoran Yee Sang Fatt
Jalan Gajah,
off JalanYew Pudu
Kuala Lumpur 55100
GPS Coordinates: N3.13231, E101.71709


  1. theres another tofu with a minced meat dressing thats suppose to be their speciality as well as their marmite ribs..

  2. Wow, Devil's gonna love the Siong Tong Lala - it's his fave! :)

  3. Deep Fried Brinjal dish..ah! I also like the dish at Restoran Hua Xing:) ooo, so this place is good huh .. will check it out :)

  4. i'm only a fan of veggies if they're cooked in unhealthy ways! and that deep-fried brinjal seems to fit the description :D (oh, and truth be told, i like brinjals anyway, even the yong tau foo ones, heheh)

  5. "Shong Yee Tau" and "Wan Yee Mei" is a maxim I learned from my Cantonese family. Certainly the fish head is worth digging in.

  6. Oooh La La! the lala soup looks yums... I'm craving for some now.

  7. So when is the trip for sichuan?? lanatir wans to bring me too!

  8. YAY! I have somewhere new to take my parents... :)
    (My mum loves siong tong lala but it's so hard to find a really good one...)

  9. ya sichuan food! sichuan food! sichuan food! the sui chu niu rou is calling us!

  10. lanatir :D lots of backlog

    ok joe, will note that down for next trip

    KY ;-)

    Kenny, come let's go one day!

    C&C, come lets all go together gether!!!

    *HI5* Sean!!! Brinjal is my fave and yes in any way!!!

    worldwindow, yes yes that is so right

    Jon, come lets go one day

    Becky, the weather is sooo hot now. maybe wait for colder weather first :p

  11. Grab the coordinates ok J! The lala is good here!

    I hear you lanatir!

  12. haha Lanatir so amazed by the speed you blog he had to post it TWICE! :P


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