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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 29 October 2010

Review: Penang Village @ Alamanda, Putrajaya


Dealing with the Government departments in our country at most times can be quite a pain even for a simple thing like renewing BoiBoi's passport. Since he was born in 2002, he doesn't have a MyKid as it was only introduced in the following year. We managed to get him a passport 5 years ago and it's right about time for renewal. I went to the Immigration website to download the form and in the process, I found out that in order to renew his passport, he needs a MyKid!!! @#*%& 

Yes it's really a wtf situation since it's only renewal bleh! So no choice lorrr, I jumped into JPN's website and urrrghhh it's totally not very informative but luckily we can go to Putrajaya where JPN headquarter is on weekends to get things done. 

Come Saturday late morning we headed to JPN Putrajaya and got BoiBoi's MyKid done all under 5 mimutes! Sighhh... since it's approaching lunch time, I guess our best bet of finding food would be Putrajaya's one and only mall, Alamanda. Ermmm it must have been years since we last came here cos I remember clearly BoiBoi running around the lake front. Omigosh... its like errrr 5 years ago cos there was one picture of him in his stroller LOL and he last used it when he was 3+!!!

Seems like the majority of the tenants have changed except for Carrefour. Oh my there's even a Cold Storage here! Anyway, since we were quite blur, Capt'n Hook suggested to go outside to the lake side as he remember there are quite a number of restaurants there. We walked a bit and decided on Penang Village.

Our last visit to Penang Village was the TTDI branch a few years ago and the food was rather bad on that day hence we never step in again :p 


As we walked in, the decor of this place looked much more pleasant and very bright due to natural light coming from the sky roof. Service was efficient and our order was taken within minutes of sitting down.

Penang Village @Alamanda

BoiBoi opted for the Fried Rice set from the Kids Menu at RM9.90 with 2 choices of drinks. Since he didn't like both, I took his Soy Bean with Cincau whilst he ordered plain Soy Bean (RM3.50). 

Soy Bean with Cincau & Soy Bean (RM3.50)

His rice tasted decent and I can tell it's freshly fried. The rice came with some fries on the side and a fried egg on top. LOL there was a funny moment as the egg looked like bulls eye but I think they must have precooked the egg earlier that it has harden so when BoiBoi poke his spoon on the yolk, he said out loud "Why so hard one???!!!"

Kids Menu - Fried Rice

Capt'n Hook's Belacan Fried Rice (RM14.90) came with 2 pieces of fried chicken, kerabu mango and some fried fish crackers. The rice is flavourful since it has belacan (shrimp paste) in it, yes yums albeit the chicken looked sad and dry.

Belacan Fried Rice (RM14.90)

By now our Oyster Omelette is delivered to the table. Hmmm doesn't look like Penang style and there were some kind of tangy chilli sauce is added to the frying process. This omelette is not too bad.

Oyster Omelette (RM16.90)

My Char Mee Suah (RM9.90) took a while to arrive. When it does, it's piping hot! Glad that it's full of wok hei which made the noodles wonderful. Liked it with the accompanying sambal belacan with a squeeze of calamansi lime.

Char Mee Suah (RM9.90)

Capt'n Hook ended his meal with a decent Cendol (RM6.90) with loads of red beans, kidney beans and green stringy cendol. We liked it that they did not used canned red beans nor kidney beans.

Cendol (RM6.90)

Seems like the quality of the food depends on the location? I guess we ought to give them second chance huh. Anyway, it's also brilliant of them to offer set menu of dishes to be served with rice and it's great for Great Eastern Mall branch to offer dim sum.

Our total bill came up to RM68.20 after the additional 10% service charge and there is no Government tax.

Restaurant Penang Village
Lot G89, Ground Floor,
Alamanda Shopping Centre,
Jalan Alamanda Presint 1, 
62000 Putrajaya
Tel: +603 8888 4268


Kenny Mah said...

Haha, so cute lah BoiBoi. Kids are so immediately honest they may make the best food reviewers!

Glad to hear that this second try (at a different outlet) fared better! :)

J said...

Ooh. Not bad! :)
And the prices are decent too...

Sean said...

putrajaya used to be like my second home, since i was constantly going there for work. but not anymore, fortunately ... there are just too few really good restaurants there :D

Kiran @ said...

I've not been to Penang Village for long now. I used to love their nasi lemak :D

Ciki said...

ur photos make me hungry.. guess what .. it's lunch time. YAY!

Babe_KL said...

Kenny, kids are always honest :p

J, yeah I think so too

Sean, I totally agree with you. Can't imagine is our office is in Cyberjaya nor Putrajaya

Kiran, I think this branch is not bad

C&C, LOL so what did you had for lunch?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad the restaurant is still there after all these years. I last went there more than 4 years ago and found the food good but a little pricey. The Alamanda wasn't a popular place then because it's so far away. Is it any better now? Is Secret Recipe still there??

rokh said...

eh i think they have a branch in cyber that i don't really fancy going :P maybe it does depends on branch

Babe_KL said...

yup depends on branch definitely Rachel