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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 22 October 2010

Review: Bergs Burger @ Far East Square, Singapore


A couple of months back, I followed Capt'n Hook to Singapore on a day trip. While he attend a meeting, I just loiter around the CBD :p

When he was done, he took me to Bergs Burger for lunch which he claimed served one of the juiciest burger round the corner. Now that really caught my interest! It's located in Far East Square. We walked into this quaint place which looked like clusters of restored old shop houses that are covered in huge see through roof where the sun shines brightly in! It's really like East meet West kinda concept. I loved where the central part where diners dine sort of like alfresco but shaded under the clear roof. It was a bit warm due to the hot sun but still all right. When you have time, drop in at Fuk Tak Chi Museum. It was one of Singapore's oldest temple but now restored into a Chinese heritage museum. There are a lot of interesting artifacts that I could recognise that belonged to my grandparents days! Best part, entrance is free.

Bergs Burger

Let's get back to burger business. The menu is proudly displayed on the large chalk board opposite the cashier and cooking station. It's no easy task which burger to pick from the rather extensive menu. Noted that there one can opt for either a large Bergs sized burger or a small one. After you order and pay at the cashier, you'll be given a number plate. Place the plate on your table and wait patiently for your burger.

We waited quite a bit since it was lunch time as the burgers are made to order. Can watch the crew grilling burgers at the open kitchen. Since we sat outside, we didn't get to smell the aroma. Loved the table and bench cos it's like having a picnic in the city!

Bergs Burger inside paper bag

Our burgers finally were delivered and they came in individual paper bags. The burgers were half wrapped in white wax paper. My small order was a Miss Piggy (SGD10.50) that from the menu states "Prime Beef Pattie, Streaky Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Aioli, Bergs Sauce & Edam Cheese". Mmm...mmmm my kinda burger that have real crispy bacon! The beef patty is juicy, in fact the whole combination is so nice and juicy that I did not need to add any chilli sauce.

Miss Piggy (SGD10.50)

Capt'n Hook had a small Crikey Too (SGD11.50) that reads "Prime Beef Pattie, Streaky Bacon, Pineapple, Beetroot, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Aioli, Bergs Sauce & Edam Cheese". With the addition of pineapple and beetroot, needless to say it was kinda messy eating this burger as the pink tainted sauce kept dripping out. Now I totally understand why the guys opposite us use the paper bags to line the table cos some of the condiments keep dropping out when they take bites of it LOL. And it's not helping when the tables have gaps in between hehehe

Crikey Too (SGD11.50)

The prices seems reasonable dollar to dollar. Even McD these days can cost up to RM10 a burger! I loved this messy experience and I really hope we can get such quality burger at a very reasonable price here in Kuala Lumpur.

Bergs Burger display card

Bergs Burger
137 Amoy St,
#01-01 Far East Square,
Tel: +65 6438 6505


J said...

Oh mannn. The burger looks GOOD. :) :)
*tries to forget about the exchange rate*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pay sgd 10 x 2.4 then u mah can have quality burger in KL..

thats the problem, our money is still too small..cant buy quality beef.

Julian Si said...

Wah... looks YUM! :-)

Cheers from an Abu Dhabi weekend ...

Sean said...

wah, maybe bergs will launch an outlet in kl someday, since we seem to be invaded by a lot of singapore f&b businesses nowadays, heheh. if that happens, hopefully the burgers won't cost more than RM25! :D

Little Corner of Mine said...

SD$11.50 for a burger? That's pricey, I don't think I can pay this much for a burger.

Unknown said...

aiihh too bad i haven't been impressed by any of hong kong's gourmet burger... T_T

minchow said...

Yes, we really could do with an influx of reasonably priced burger joints. And picnic tables set up everywhere!

Rebecca Saw said... the very least pls give us MOS burgers!

Kenny Mah said...

Ditto what Sean said. Only hope if they do, they'd still serve real bacon (or is that simply wishful thinking on my part?)

Unknown said...

look at that juicy burger!! Yumms - make me crave for one now but too bad on diet - cant eat this lah!!

Have a great week up ahead!
jen @

Ciki said...

wah that good ar? i really must try it then;)

Babe_KL said...

J, I think we're paying more for quality burger in KL

Joe, I think after the exchange we still have to add on before we can get quality burger

Jules, yeah

Sean, LOL but you think got biz or not?

LCOM, you haven't been back for a while ya? Our food prices are soaring!

Rita, so make your own?

;-) MinChow esp Carl's Jr oredi charging this much

Becky, we had MOS burger b4 and it sucks so unless they keep an eye on their quality, better dun come back!

Kenny, yes yes give us the real deal!

Jen, dieting? Can just eat the patty and veggies only :p

C&C, yea it was better than McD definitely

Simon Seow said...

Oh. I'll be going to Singapore for a week next month. Maybe I'll come and have a taste of their burger.