Wednesday 29 September 2010

Review: Restoran Tong Cheng at Chukai, Kemaman


BoiBoi and I followed my parents to a road trip to Kemaman, Terengganu, over a weekend a couple of months back. It was durian season and a friend of my parents have invited a bunch of their friends over to have a galore at their durian orchard. For dinner, we were brought to this Restoran Tong Cheng at Chukai town. It's not located along the main streets but somewhere in the inner roads. I'm not sure now how to get there but it's at the road behind Jalan Che Teng. Turn right at U-Mart and the restaurant is just at the back. I've learnt Kemaman is a district, while Chukai is the town as we got a little confused over these 2 names that were used interchangeably.

Restoran Tong Cheng

The friend did all the ordering and these were the dishes we have...

A claypot of braised lamb which has loads of ginger and spring onions that removed the gamey smell of the lamb. I asked BoiBoi if he would like some lamb and he said no thanks. Anyway, I scooped some on his plate and you know what... he asked me what was it, so nice one *roll eyes*

Braised Lamb in Claypot

The deep fried tofu dish here is drizzled with a mild sambal belacan sauce. Nothing spectacular here.

Deep Fried Tofu with Sambal Sauce

This is a simple buttered mantis prawn but their style is kinda different. There were very little buttered bits but in a good way so that the flavour does not overwhelm the freshness of the prawn. Did I mentioned the mantis prawn is so huge that they have to halved it?  

Mantis Prawn

The restaurant had ran out of larger fish, hence we have 2 on the plates instead. I think they're garoupa and just lightly steamed with soya sauce topped with garlic, ginger, spring onions and coriander. Just like home cooked, very yummy cos the fish is soooo fresh and sweet!

Steamed Fish

Then we have a stir-fried roasted pork (siew yuk) that is filled with gravy with onions and tomatoes quarters. Very different indeed. The flavours were great here.

Stir-fried Siew Yuk

I think we have a plate of greens as well but I did not captured a pic of it, must be busy eating and tending to BoiBoi.

There were 10 of us but luckily the portion was just right but you might think it's too little yeah. Just that you didn't know we already have like 2 rounds of durians before heading for dinner and then another round of dinner for supper!!! Not sure of the prices but I overheard it was cheap!

T'was was a great trip indeed! *BURP* excuse me...


  1. ooo that mantis prawn looks good

  2. Whether it's district or town... I still call it Kemaman :)
    I'm craving for mantis prawn right now...

  3. The stir-fried siew yoke looks good, esp. after my recent babitarian cravings... ;)

  4. We were in Kemaman recently for work. Stopped to have its stuffed crab. I love the town of Chukai for its famous Hai Peng Coffee Shop too. Had my first Nasi Dagang with Kuah Ikan Tongkol. Really seday! In Hai Peng also, I found that Nasi Lemak is offered either with Ikan Bilis or Ikan Tongkol. Really different from what we get on West Coast. Check out Hai Peng Coffee Shop on your next trip to East Coast. Love the Kopi-O too. And cheap!

  5. haven't been to terengganu in a while man.. actually, i haven't been anywhere for a long long while.. lol

  6. Hehehe, kids are really amusing sometimes :p

  7. KY, tasted fresh and delish too!

    Leo, yalor we call it Kemaman too :p

    Jon ;-)

    Kenny, this style of fried siew yuk is nice. Can recreate at home one day.

    JC, the friend took us to another kopitiam :p he said Hai Peng is OVER RATED! lol

    Tummy Rumble, time to head there for a holiday?

    Jason, were you like that when you're a kid? My BoiBoi is in this phase now, very kek sei!

    LCOM, awwww come back for a holiday quick!

    Eating with Hudson, tasted fabulous too ;-)


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