Monday, 13 September 2010

Review: Siu Pai Kuat Meen @ Sixty Three Kopitiam


My parents took me to Sixty Three Kopitiam for breakfast several times but of the few times I've been there, it's basically just normal kopitiam fare. There was once I waited rather long (more than 30 mins and I went over to remind them like twice) for my char siu (bbq pork) wantan meen (noodles) to arrive! Even though the wantan meen does tasted not bad but I shudder having to wait that long! Anyway, one weekend my mother urged recommended the siu pai kuat (bbq pork ribs) meen. Arrghh and she pointed it's from the same wantan meen stall.

Sixty Three Kopitiam

Sighhh since my parents are ordering the siu pai kuat meen, I decided to give it a try. Wowzer, this time the waiting time is not long at all! Best part is I have no regret as the bbq pork ribs are really tender with some burnt bits. With the noodles done al dente, this plate of siu pai kuat meen is lips-smacking good! Can't recall how much is a plate but it's quite decent, most probably around RM5 or so. If you're around Kepong, it's worth coming by for a plate.

Siu Pai Kuat Meen

This kopitiam is located in the corner, the road before Thong Lung Sang Seafood Restaurant.

Sixty Three Kopitiam
Jalan Metro Perdana 2
Taman Usahawan, Kepong
Tel: +603-6250 2389
Map here


  1. It looks really delicious too liked you said.

  2. the char siew looks burn... CARCINOGEN!! haha

  3. Wait more than 30min?? I also don't have such patience, honestly!

  4. Quay Po & LCOM, yes indeeed!

    tummy rumble, you like or not? :p

    PG, now dun need to wait so long oredi :D else I also dun wan ler

  5. caramelised and slightly charred... I love it! what time that they open for breakfast?? I'm quite an early person

  6. How come it's faster to get the pork ribs mee than it is to get the wan tan mee?

  7. not too far off, i shiao GPS my way there this tomorrow, or this weekend.

  8. leo, should be normal breakie hours. i was there around 8am.

    mimi, let us know your verdict

    nate, must be production issue earlier :p i think now they have 2 person preparing

    good luck Chao kar!

  9. Babe KL,
    do you call that "Lo Mein"???

    have a lovely day
    jen @


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