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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hennessy X.O’s Appreciation Grows Presents Chef Alvin Leung

Funnily I've no idea why I've been receiving newsletters and invites occasionally from Riche Monde Malaysia but I usually just run through the articles quickly since I'm not much of a drinker. No need to say, I declined all invites since they're mostly held in clubs on weekends. Not only I'm outta clubbing scenes but who to babysit our BoiBoi hehe? However, the latest news I've received really pique my interest.

Apparently, this month Riche Monde is holding the third installment of the annual gastronomical event, Hennessy X.O’s Appreciation Grows. They are bringing in Chef Alvin Leung from the two Michelin stars BO Innovation in Hong Kong. You must be wondering what so special about this. You see, Chef Alvin is a professionally trained engineer but is a self-taught chef!!! His approach is combining centuries-old Chinese recipes with modern ingredients and cooking techniques!

Without hesitation, I quickly check BO Innovation's website and wow the chef looked really cool. Reminded me of Capt'n Hook's tattoo but Chef Alvin's tattoo is more fierce-some :p Now to think of it, I think I did read about him earlier in one of those HK touristy magazines that Capt'n Hook brought back from his business trips. I scrolled through the menu of course and found lots of interesting items like Yak and Cheese which is essentially cheung fun (my fave ccf) but with yak cheese and truffle!!! There's also molecular xiao long bao with vegetarian option as well. I'm amazed!

Hennessy X.O Chef Alvin Leung

Well, if you would like to experience such interesting items, Chef Alvin will be here 20th - 25th September 2010 cooking up a storm to serve you in a special "dome" on the grounds of Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club.

To book your place or for further information please call 603-2178 0230 or click Tickets sales per person is at RM800.


Dr Tan said...

wow.. lucky you.. I read about this dude in reader's digest.. He was featured as one of the best chef in Asia... do blog about your experience.. haha

Click Click Culinary said...

WAHHHHHHHHH SO LUCKY!!! im so jealous now! boo! all i can wish is they pick me as a lucky winner :(

Babe_KL said...

Tummy Rumble, hehe if all goes well yes I will

Click Click Culinary, you will one day!

Simon Seow said...

The Devil Chef. I saw his cooking on No Reservations - Hong Kong episode. Hope I'll win the free invite :p