Monday 6 September 2010

Review: Discover Set Lunch at Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar

**Pork Free**

You see, we usually don't celebrate much of our birthdays or anniversaries. If we do, it's usually a spontaneous thingy. Hence, on the morning of  my birthday this year, Capt'n Hook decided to treat me to a nice lunch so he called Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar but I supposed it was too early for any one to start work at the restaurant as no one answered the call. He called The Gardens Hotel then and was told they'll pass his lunch reservation to Sage later on.

An hour later, I picked up a call and was asked if we're confirmed for lunch at Sage. Out of courtesy I asked who is on the line so that I can thank him and gosh who called??? It was Chef Daniel himself hahaha. Wow what a treat on my birthday!

Anyway to cut the story short, we walked into the restaurant on the 6th floor of The Gardens (take the elevator on Isetan side) and saw Ciki having lunch with Paranoid Andriod. Not surprised to see PA since he dines here on a weekly basis hehe. Loved the unobstructed full length windows, great for photography heh, didn't need to do much to my pics except for resizing.


Service was as expected, prompt and attentive. The moment we sat, we were served a citrusy welcome drink. An instant perk-me-up on that hot afternoon. We decided on our selections on the lunch menu that week. Oh yeah, the menu changes on a weekly basis, do follow PA's blog on the weekly menu :D.

Welcome Drink

We got our warm bread which Chef Daniel explained they made the bread fresh everyday. Served with a basil olive oil dip.

Warm bread with basil olive oil dip

Our appetisers came which I offered my Warm Capellini Pasta with Trio of Seafood and Spices in exchange of Confit of Smoked Salmon with Garden Vegetables and Salted Kelp since Capt'n Hook don't really fancy raw stuff. After so many years I can read his face very well when it comes to food, his face read "icky" when the salmon was served to him hehe.

Confit of Smoked Salmon with Garden Vegetables and Salted Kelp

I didn't mind the salmon at all. It's really delicate that went well with the kelp. I took a bite of the pasta and oh my I really liked it. Even Capt'n Hook was nodding his head for someone who doesn't like tomato based sauce! The trio of scallops, prawns and fish are generously portioned.

Warm Capellini Pasta with Trio of Seafood and Spices

We sipped on our wine whilst waiting for our main course. We both picked pan Fried Mullaway Seabass with Beignet Oyster Cepe Mushroom Sauce as Capt'n Hook is particular with his lamb and I would prefer something light since we have been feasting non-stop with so many birthdays celebrations in the family. The fillet is done just right with the skin lightly crisp and paired well with the mushroom sauce. The sauce on its own it's slightly salty for me but was all right when eaten with the fish. The oyster was done ala tempura with a super light batter.

Fried Mullaway Seabass with Beignet Oyster Cepe Mushroom Sauce

Since Chef Daniel was aware that it was my birthday, our choices of desserts were transformed into this platter. Other than dessert of the day Roasted Plums Fruit with Banana Crumble and Vanilla Ice Cream, we were served Spanish Melon, with Honeydew Sorbet and White Wine Jelly; Ginger Creme Brulee and of course a specially made chocolate cake.


Of all the choices, we both loved the creme brulee with a lovely hint of ginger and of course the chocolate cake which is quite light. The crumble is not at all spectacular. The honeydew sorbet is quite ordinary except that I do like the wine jelly.

The lunch set at RM100nett which is quite a steal for the freshness and quality of ingredients served, coupled with the excellent service. Chef Daniel urged us to go back for their dinner where the menu would be more extensive and special, I guess most prolly next month?

Discover Set Lunch Menu on 25 Aug 2010

Sage Restaurant and Wine Bar
The Gardens Residences Level 6,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2268 1328
Opening hours:
Lunch (Mon-Fri): 12pm-2pm
Dinner (Mon-Sat): 6pm-10.30pm
Closed on Sunday


  1. What a nice and delicious celebration. Happy birthday again! :)

  2. so sweet! Summore got Chef Daniel called you back himself! How awesome is that?

    Happy belated birthday 2 ya.

  3. Hi! Hi! I think I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday that day. Did I? Many happy returns and good health and good food all the way. I am such a ditz. :p

  4. What a sweet (and "sage") birthday treat by Cap'n Hook! :D

  5. but the lunch is only available on weekdays right???

  6. I haven't been to sage for half a year now.. I use to go there quite often until I got quite bored with their dishes. One day they called me and said they had a new menu going on, but alas when I went there, they only changed 2 dishes from each section (appetizer, main, dessert). It was also on that night did I find out that the staff serving the dishes know nuts about the dishes itself.. When I asked him what was inside, he said 'wait arr, I will go and find out' and he came back speaking so quickly I didn't even get what he said. However, I would still not deny that they serve quite good food.

  7. Thanks J

    Yeah Jon, so memorable!

    PA, can't recall but no worries, it's just another day

    Kenny, yes for a change :D

    leo, I think so

    awww too bad Tummy Rumble but the thing is now KL has a lot of nice fine dining in competition with Sage


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