Tuesday 28 September 2010

Kaya and Omelette Sandwich

You must think that I have gone nuts posting something so simple like this :p but for me the simplest are usually the best tasting stuff ever!

I used to go to this food court near my previous work place for breakfast with a couple of my ex-colleagues many years ago. The drinks stall usually served simple breakfast fare like kaya toast with soft boiled eggs; roti john; toasted bun etc, you get the gist... but at one time they introduced this sandwich which I can't remember what was the name since it was "that" long ago. In fact I have totally forgotten about this sandwich which I liked cos it has two of my favourite items - kaya and egg!

One morning recently, I've made myself just a simple bread with kaya, then I noticed I haven't placed my eggs into the fridge. Hence, I took the carton and lifted the eggs from the carton to place them into the fridge. Anyway, one of the egg cracked a little whilst I was doing it eeekkk! So what should I do??? Since I didn't want to keep the egg, what better way than to use it right away.

I cracked 2 eggs into a bowl and lightly beat it. Lightly oiled a frying pan and proceed to made a thin omelette. In fact I could made 2 thin ones from 2 eggs! Next, I slotted the omelette in between my kaya spreaded bread, the Hainanese (kopitiam) type, and voila... a Kaya and Omelette Sandwich heh :p

One set for me and another set for Capt'n Hook. Ohhh yums!

Kaya and omelette Sandwich

Sorry for the lameness of this post LOL. Happy morning!


  1. i cannot imagine kaya and egg together :P

  2. Not lame at all :-) Mmmmh ... I have never had toast nor omelettes in this fashion!!

    Cheers from Abu Dhabi ;-)

  3. No, no, not lame. I love a cheddar cheese slice and kaya sandwich. Sweet and savoury, yin and yang, perfect!

  4. did it taste OK?? Coz kaya and omelette sound weird :P

  5. wah....kaya and egg together...ok ah? wont lao sai rite...must try it at home...

  6. egg and kaya, I never try b4 but sound delicious.

  7. Nah, I don't think you're nuts at all... In fact, since I've never tried this... it sounds like an amazing combo! :D

  8. gosh, just like everyone else, i've never tried kaya with egg before either ... i love both ingredients separately, but together? hmmmmm .... am kinda thinking eggs and peanut butter might be a more harmonious marriage, heheh :D

  9. Sounds good to me! I can see them pair together. :)

  10. HandsfulOfFlour, but kaya is made from eggs worrr :p

    Jules, you can try this now

    pingspicking, i like that too!

    leo & valentino, nope they tasted perfectly all right

    Jess, it is!

    Kenny, it was, really! Try it one day

    Joe & Sean, seriously I did not invent this hehe I first ate it at a food court. never knew it was this special!!!

    LCOM, try and let me know


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