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Review: Prego's Come As You Are, Eat As You Can Promotion

**No Pork Served**

We were at Westin last week and noticed this promotion of Prego pasted at the elevator door. Sounds pretty reasonable for an eat all you can pizza and pasta that comes with a soft drink going for RM40++ (5% Government tax and 10% service charge) per person. This promotion is on for the month of September and not valid with SPG membership or another other discounts.

Prego Interior

There is a special menu of pizzas and pasta, plus desserts that you can order for this promotion. The pasta are served in small bowls to taste or larger bowls to share and pizzas came in 7" diameter if you wish to taste more, otherwise a regular sized to be served on a larger group. You can eat to your heart content sharing with your friends and family at the table. When I check it's website's menu, it seems that this promo was on in August but the selection of pizzas and pastas looked slightly different from the current month or maybe it's the same? I can't really remember heh :p

Our choice of soft drink

A large loaf of round crusty bread is served with a special tomato dip.

Bread and dip

We have ordered the following pastas...

A Frutti de Mare which is mixed fresh seafood in tangy tomato sauce. Wow so much seafood in the small bowl of pasta and tossed in a light touch of olive oil.

frutti de mare

This is a creamy Farfalle Prego Carbonara which have beef bacon, egg yolk, cream and parmesan that BoiBoi asked for. Just look how thick the sauce is, luckily it's only a small bowl. Capt'n Hook and I took a spoonful each and BoiBoi whacked the rest. This must be his favourite pasta that nite.

farfalle prego carbonara

The Tagliatelle Guancia took quite a while to come. If I know this fresh flat egg pasta ribbons with red wine braised beef cheeks is sooooo delicious, I would have ordered a large portion! The braised beef cheeks melted in the mouth and tasted like Chinese canned stew pork meat, how not to be delish???

tagliatelle guancia

The pizzas were all crispy thin crusted baked in wood oven which I kept watching the Chef shoving in and out pizza after pizza in the open kitchen.

A must order is the Margherita which consists of tomato, oregano, mozzarella & basil. Simple but delectable.


Loved the Wow Suprema for it contained a whole lot of ingredients like pepperoni, turkey ham, gorgonzola, artichoke and kalamata olives. The toppings were so heavy hence it was kinda a feat to lift up a piece to bite on. Be ready to get messy!

wow suprema

BoiBoi specifically picked Napoletana, I've no idea why since it's his first time ordering this. He said he likes anchovies *roll eyes* must have been watching too much kiddies channels! On this pizza, the toppings were anchovies, capers, mozzarella, oregano with tomato sauce on the base. BoiBoi likes this but I find the anchovies a tad salty for my taste bud. Capt'n Hook who can tolerate salty food finds it ok.


Capricciosa has toppings of turkey ham, marinated bell pepper, mushrooms, chicken sausage and kalamata olives. This pizza is packed with loads of ingredients as well. Since I have a penchant for bell peppers, I find them a nice sweetish compliment to this pizza.


Next we have Sottobosco which is a mixed wild forest mushrooms, mozzarella, garlic and sage. I liked how the mushrooms were slightly charred which gave a rather robust flavour coupled with a hint of sage and garlic. Lovely!


By now we were quite stuffed but can't resist ordering the two dessert pizzas.

For nutella lovers like BoiBoi and I, Nutella e Pistacchio Pizza is pure heavenly for us! The hazelnut base spread has a sprinkling of roasted pistachio nuts. The only thing I wish there were more were pistachio!

Nutella e Pistacchio Pizza

BoiBoi specifically asked for Cioccolato Pizza which has dark chocolate sauce topped with diced fresh strawberries. Again, I wish they could use more of the strawberries and the chocolate sauce is too thin. Otherwise this dessert was just so so only. Stay away from this and get on with the gelato!

Cioccolato Pizza

Woohoooo then we tried all the 6 flavours of gelato served that day.

The green tea has just a light hint of green tea flavour which should be good for those who doesn't like green tea. One of my friend who detest green tea told me they tasted like fish tank water! Hahaha...but I think she might find this ok. The creamy vanilla has some marshmallows on top which we got some in our scoop as we were there quite early. BoiBoi's favourite! Then we have the pistachio that I find ok.

Gelato 01

The next batch, we have raspberry which is surprisingly quite light and not as rich as the 3 earlier. Maybe the tang helped to counter the creaminess. The chocolate one the best out of all! Capt'n Hook who is not a chocolate fan unless it has nuts gave full praises too. Each spoonful, not only rich dark chocolaty gelato envelopes our mouth but there we some crunchiness from the chocolate ribbons. Best! The next best for me is the strawberry as it contained chockful of strawberry chunks which lent a frozen fruity goodness to the gelato.

Gelato 02

So what do you think of the eat all you can pizzas and pastas? I know we don't eat a lot but judging from the prices from the ala carte menu and the size of our tummy, we won't be able to taste so many varieties of pizzas and pastas in one go. What more with large creamy scoops of gelato thrown in!!! Would be great if there is huge bunch of us there :D

Prego at Westin Kuala Lumpur
Ground Floor, 199, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 2731 8333
Opening Hours:
Mon - Sat: Lunch and Dinner
Sunday: 6.00pm to 10.30pm


  1. Not a big eater (been on diet for some time) so normally I'd skip those buffer or ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT thingy :P
    but then I love Prego's bread with the tomato sauce dip :) can't get enough of it everytime Jenn & I went there

  2. must gather more people to try on this!!!

  3. I don't like the fact that diners clap their hands whenever the cook drop something.. haha.. the food at prego ain't fantastic for the price you're paying.. I stopped going there after 2 disappointments..

  4. leo, we don't too but compare the prices I think this is worth it than ala carte

    yes mimi! the more the merrier!

    Tummy Rumble, I think so too ;-)

  5. This wld be good for lovers of pasta & pizza! And gelato, of coz!

  6. 40++ is very decent! prob the cheaper than what you pay for crappier shopping mall food even if you cant eat heaps.

  7. The crust looks appropriately thin and crispy. But I wouldn't have gone for such a heavily topped pie as the Suprema - the crust can't hold up to that. The Nutella dessert pizza looks good though!

    I haven't found any good pizza here in Kuching. (Even Pizza Hut, which is saying a lot.)

  8. Ya, looks like a very fair deal for anyone in the mood for pizzas and pastas. And even six scoops of gelato would probably cost 40 ringgit already, rite? :D Though I probably wouldn't be able to resist ordering some booze to help wash down all those carbs...

  9. PG, yeah and you just order what you like ;-) food are cooked upon order and served hot!

    Exactly Joe!

    Eeekk Pizza Hut sucks, Nate&Annie!

    Sean, yeah very reasonable I would say. Actually we had a bottle of wine but I did not post up :p


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