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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Stir-Fried Picked Mustard Cabbage with Minced Meat


Growing up in a Chinese household, I supposed most of us would have somehow eaten their grandmother or mother's version of harm choy chau chu yuk (Stir-Fried Pickled Mustard Cabbage with Minced Meat). I loved the simplicity of this dish that goes very well with rice congee (rice porridge) or rice. I remember ladling on spoonfuls of the gravy on my rice and I'm happy as a lark!

Stir-fried Harm Choy with Minced Meat

So here's my version. What I did was marinade minced pork meat with some soy sauce, pepper, cornstarch and tiny bit of sesame oil plus a little water. I bought the local pickled mustard cabbage, the stir-frying type. Wash and clean up the grits on the leaves. Soak them in water to get rid some of the saltiness. Once done, squeeze out the water and chopped them up.

In some heated oil, fry up some chopped garlic followed by some grounded preserved soy bean (tau chu). Fry till fragrant before chucking in the minced pork. Stir till the pork is cooked through before adding the harm choy. Give them a good stir before adding just enough water to cover about half of them. Season with a teeny bit of sugar and salt only if necessary. Cover and simmer for about 15 mins on low heat or until the liquid thickens. The time depends on how you want the texture of the harm choy. Longer if you wish to have them softer.

Dish up and serve! Yums yums...

If you like harm choy, how about trying some harm choy tong (pickled mustard cabbage soup) or Steamed Chicken with Pickled Mustard Cabbage and Mushroom?


J said...

YUUUUMMMSSSS. Love this, especially when have a big heap of steaming hot rice to go with it.
:D :D :D

Sean said...

oooh, u're so right! my grandmother used to cook harm choy also, in soup. but i didn't even know what it was called. i just used to call it 'the salty veggie.' :D

celine said...

totally forgotten about this dish - used to have this with porridge as a kid. will cook this dinner tomorrow, hopefully i don't screw up :)

Anonymous said...

Forgotten this dish existed til now. Will make this for mum's visit this weekend. She'll be thrilled having it with porridge. Thanks for the reminder.

Charmaine said...

This dish brings back memories for me. Have not had it for ages, since it's difficult to find nice pickled mustard in Sydney.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Delicious! I love this dish.

Babe_KL said...

J, I would say this is comfort food for us Chinese? :p

Sean, actually it's commonly known as salted veggy in my vocab until I did a search :D

Celine, am sure you can do it ;-)

Glad I jolted your memory Pingspickings

Aww Charmaine :(

LCOM, can find harm choy at your place?

PureGlutton said...

Yep, this is good old comfort food - perfect with a bowl of plain porridge!