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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 16 August 2010

Review: Durian and Fruits Stall Along Jalan Kepong


Loads of durians

Since it's durian season, I do not want to be left out in introducing one of our favourite stall. Just so not to be confused with the famous Jalan Mergastua or most commonly known as Lau Lin Kai (Durian Street) in Kepong Baru, this stall is actually right on Jalan Kepong near the pekan (small town area). It's located in front of Shell Station that has a Domino's Pizza outlet in it, opposite Kepong Police Station. There's a beautiful Al-amaniah Mosque next to Shell. Check if you can see the map here.

Look at the crowd!

This stall is a seasonal stall that only opens during durian seasons and the operators are from Johore where the supplies of their durians and fruits are mainly from. You can find the current favourite Musang King also known as Fox King or in Cantonese is Mau San Wong. Apart from this species, there are the one time favourite D24. Other than these Tekar (Chuk Keok in Cantonese or translated in English is Legs of Bamboo), D2 and smaller kampung species are available too. Prices are rather current ranging from RM10 to RM12 which I can't recall exactly for the different species. There's always a crowd here.

More people

For this particular stall, do go pick your durians after 4ish or best around 5 in the afternoon as thats when the fresh stocks arrive daily. On one Saturday afternoon, we arrived on time to witness them unloading the goodies from the lorry!

Fresh stock arrives around 4pm

Close up of durian pulp

Other than durians, this stall also have a few varieties of tropical fruits on sale.

These mangosteens are really sweet and fresh as the shell is soft. The colour is of a nice vivid purple. To open a mangosteen, just press the middle part of the rounded body with two thumbs (you may score it with a knife to make it easier) and press further until it opened up. Rip apart the shell and you'll have the white parts stuck on the inner shell. Suck up the white flesh, mmmm sweet! Some larger segments have rather big seed, so just suck up the flesh and discard the seed but usually for the smaller ones, I just swallow them whole.


By the way, I was taught when I was young that to see how many white segments are there inside, just look at the raised ridges at the bottom that resemble a flower pattern. The number of the "petals" of the ridges corresponds with the number of segments. My BoiBoi was amazed when I showed him this ;-)

Mangosteen - flesh

At this time of the year rambutans, pulasan (a family of rambutans but with shorter hairs) and dokong (a type of langsat) are also in season. So grab them all before the season is off!





Bakericious said...

I love all the fruits!!! for durian, my most favourite is Mao San aka Cat Mountain, so thick and creamy. I just made a durian mousse cake too but using D24 yum yum!

Nate @ House of Annie said...

So jealous, as we have to wait until December for durian season here in Kuching. Wish we had more time in KL to sample some this past trip but we ran out of time.

Will there still be durians in KL in October?

J said...

hmmmm... What do pulasan taste like ah? I never tried before!
(But always thought they just look like mutant rambutan. lol)

Ciki said...

eek! durian is not my fav babe, but great shots nonetheless!

Sean said...

mangosteens are my no. 1 favorite fruit, really! (no. 2: ciku) ... ermmm, durians are probably no. 30 or something :D

thule a.k.a leo said...

Durian and mangosteen are normally consumed together... as the latter is used to counter the heaty effect from the former :) too bad I only like the mangosteen!
FYI.. I have just bought some Musang King and D101 plus I-forgot-what's-its-name durian species that are both "kam" and bitter... for my wife!!! What to do? have to sayang her coz she love durian so much

Babe_KL said...

Jess, recipes using durians are getting more and more and I like them all!

Nate, awww too bad you guys missed it. October? I doubt so, maybe December!

J, pulasan tasted similar like rambutan but sweeter!!!

C&C hahaha ok

Sean, yikes number 30?? well but at least its still on your list!

leo, we both love kam and bitter ones too and aiyoh you really sayang wife horrr hehe

JensLifestyle said...


Have a lovely day!!
Jen @

Babe_KL said...

Jen, next time plan a trip here during durian season :p

NextLily said...

Haha nice, this is where my family buy our durians too!