Sunday 22 August 2010

7 Days to Submission

Yes yes a reminder, you have exactly 7 days to submit your entry to Merdeka Open House 2010 with the theme Food From Our Hearts.

All Malaysians are welcome to participate no matter where you’re located in the world. Malaysian spouses are encouraged to participate as well.

On what you'll need to do:
  1. For this theme, you will need to cook a local dish that you love and that is lovingly prepared by your loved ones say your mother, ayah, mother-in-law, grandmother, grandfather, yee ma, koo cheh, thamby, tangechi yada yada. Not only you need to cook the dish out, you are required to tell us your story about this dish and your loved one. There will be no restrictions as to whether it has to be halal or not.
  2. Take a picture of your dish, type in your write-up and the recipe (if you have one, otherwise your ingredients and method would suffice if you're the guesstimate/agak-agak type). Do stick to traditional recipe without any shortcuts or replacement of ingredients to make it modern or fusion but it is all right for overseas participants due to limited ingredients. This open house is something for us to cherish our wonderful roots and we hope we could preserve the recipes that our ancestors have hand down.
  3. Post it up in your blog by 29th August 2010 but of course if you can do it earlier, it’s all the better to ease me in rounding up on 31st August.
  4. All entries must reach me by 29th August 2010, midnight Malaysian time at babe_kl(@)yahoo(dot)com. Our virtual party will be on 31st August 2010. In your email, attach a picture of your dish (minimum 500x375 pixels) and please state the following details:

    Name or nick
    Permalink/URL of your post
    Name of the dish

If you do not own a blog but wish to participate, kindly do your write up and send it together with the picture to me. I’ll post it up for you.

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