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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Review: Deli Terra @ Jusco Midvalley Megamall

Deli Terra at Jusco Midvalley Megamall will be the place for us to head to whenever there is a need to fix our crave for assam laksa. A great place for a quick pick-me-up as the self-service counter is prompt and efficient. However, RM5.90 for a bowl is rather steep but hey we're not sweating it out at Penang kopitiams nor squating beside a longkang, so consider quite a fair deal to dine in a "lush" garden of sort hehe...

The laksa here is not the thick version, neither was it the watered down. Just nice for my tastebud but of course could be better, beggar can't be chooser eh?

Jusco Assam Laksa RM5.90

This bowl of mak chuk (bubur gandum, sweet wheat porridge RM2.50) really came errrmm porridge like. They scooped too much of the wheat pearls into the bowl, most prolly it's end of the day, hence don't waste but don't they realise the ratio should be 50:50 rather than 80:20? Otherwise, it's quite hard to eat them :p

Jusco Bubur Gandum 2.50

You can find Deli Terra on the 2nd Floor, Jusco Midvalley Megamall (household department) or Jusco Home Centre, Old Wing 1 Utama. Not sure if other Jusco branches have them, if you do know, leave in the comments. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

i love their assam laksa very much, just perfect for my taste bud.

rokh said...

this remind me of the days that i use to work at midvalley and have my lunches here :)

backStreetGluttons said...

Last time we took here ( seduced by the fishy sour minty aroma which the whole of Mid Valley until the Gardens also can feel ) , the color was darker like got hareko a lot but this one you had looked like the nice Balik Pulau Penang one. Nice family color din frighten the kids

HairyBerry said...

whenever i pass by this area, i find myself salivating...i guess that's the power of the assam laksa! haha!

i agree that this might not be the best assam laksa in town but it is still one of the good ones. omg, i'm salivating again! haha!

Penang Tua Pui said...

have laksa need to sweat a lot baru "SYIOK" one...

have it inside the air-corn room.... hmm.. no Oumph.....


hi.. how are you.. long time din do blog hopping liao....

minchow said...

It's always hard to walk by this place without inhaling long and HARD!!! But my first and only experience here was less than stellar... there were roaches running all over the tables and when highlighted to the service staff, they stared blankly at us, and carried right on! Hopefully they've got their act together now!

Ciki said...

never could get into asam laksa.. much prefer laksa lemak.. haha

Babe_KL said...

skinnymum, yeah not bad at all

haha so much food choices then huh rachel?

BSG, so they hv their off days too?

yerrr nic!!! u just made me salivating!

hi penang tua pui, hahaha but sometimes need some pampering too

OMG, 500ml jar of faith... got siew keong one???? thank goodness havent encounter any yet

:D c&c

Flower said...

I love laksa penang. Really hantu laksa. Used to go to that cafe when I was still working in Jln. Gasing. Now if I want to eat laksa, I masak sendiri n makan sendiri. My hb n kiddies cant stand the smell. Better still, more for me to eat.