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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Review: New York New York Deli @ 1 Utama

New York New York Deli - interior1

Just a quickie today as this place called New York New York Deli, opposite Cold Storage 1 Utama, is not worth so much of my time. I'll just let the pics do the talking mostly.

This is Summer Cuddle a thick frozen strawberry and mango drink which was ok but the thing was boiboi ordered Lover's Sunset which is an orange juice with cranberry. I have no idea the order was wrong until I paid the bill *roll eyes*

My order of Smoked Salmon Velvet (RM14.90) with a description of smoked salmon, tuna mayo, marinated tomatoes, grilled vegetables and stuffed onions came looking like this. The colour of the smoked salmon is kinda turn off. There were just a tiny blob of tuna mayo and I can't remember seeing any tomatoes nor grilled vege.

Smoked Salmon Velvet RM14.90

Boiboi had wanted pizza but they ran out of the base and it was only 7pm on a public holiday!!! So he opted for beef lasagna (RM16.90) which was just so so only.

Beef Lasagna RM16.90

The crazy Capt'n Hook went and order this burger...

The Giant Yankee Burger RM43.50

It's not any burger but a Giant Yankee Burger that costed a whooping RM43.50!!! It's about 8" in diameter and supposedly if you can finish this whole dang thing all on your own, you won't need to pay for it! I didn't even have to try ok cos by just looking at it, I'm stuffed.

The Giant Yankee Burger - inside

Capt'n Hook said the thick bun is DRY and the rather thin meat patty is DRY and just look the amount of cheese on top... so stingy. Don't bother to order ok, just not worth it. Anyway, this burger can be shared by 4 person. On yeah... not only you'll have the hazard of NOT going to touch any burger for the next one month, you'll attract a lot of stares and on-lookers who came up just to look at the burger!

The Giant Yankee Burger  - the size

Seriously, this is not a place I will return ever again! I've read the latest KLUE and there was a review saying that the food was not up to mark as they're only 2 months old and it could be a teething problem. 2 months and still having teething problems???

Anyway, not only the food was not up to mark but the wait staff need to be educated on what's on the menu. We asked one of them to explain on some items but she can't. She asked the manager to come to attend to us. This happened twice! Well, the manager is not well versed in English and had difficulties in expressing. Towards the end, Capt'n Hook gave him feed back in Cantonese about the burger and he just stare and nod without saying anything. Perhaps Capt'n Hook should have spoke to him on Mandarin???

New York New York Deli
1 Utama


Unknown said...

this place was thoroughly disappointing when i was there abt a mth ago.

1) menu came sticky with ketchup. wtf.

2) the 'chunky' veg soup was pathetic. can count the number of chunks in the shallow vapid soup.

3) some of the staff were quite willing the help (foreign workers) where others (local workers) looked bored and lacked initiative.

4) the burger i had... was not outstanding. it was at best, the level of McD.

sorry... no repeat visit for me. pity... i thought the menu had potential.

Babe_KL said...

HAHAHAHA lanatir, for once we BOTH agreed on the same thing eh??? sighh we got cheated by the beautiful pics and descriptions on the menu and buntings!!!

Unknown said...

wat do u mean 'for once'????

anyway we dont eat at the same places one...

choi yen said...

Both the fries & burger are not attractive at all!!

Babe_KL said...

lanatir, cos i kenot afford to those places dat u go :P *siam kuat2*

yeah mimi... no appetite

Sean said...

gosh, this place has attracted so many negative reviews online. but i honestly think i COULD finish that burger on my own ... just that it's probably not worth it. :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the burger cant b that big rite? just that like sean said.. i cant gain that kinda weight if i finish that man..

Rebecca Saw said...

oh my god..I was actually plannin to get here this weekend w my makan pal. Gd god, that bad?? I was so tempted jz by the menu!

minchow said...

Oh the food looks a crying shame!! And this is probably the most expensive tasteless burger ever! OK, note to stay far far away!

Babe_KL said...

sean & joe, you guys sure ka??? 8" you know??? plus the bun is thick and dry!

nomad gourmand, did you try googling msian blogs? save your money and go somewhere else!!!

550ml jar of faith, yes not worth it at all

J2Kfm said...

oh dear .. and i tot i discovered some place cool last month, what's more got FRIED MARS BARS in the menu some more!!!

now i know better. haha

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The burger looks terribly dry! Did Capt'n Hook manage to finish it? =P

millipedemom said...

Uh oh doesn't sound good. Even Subway, just a mere few feet away, would have been better I think!

teckiee said...

Thanks for the review.. another place to avoid. I tried this snack place near here.. selling some french donuts or something.. not nice as well.

Ciki said...

i am NEVER going thr !

Julian Si said...

That bugger (oops, burger) is Ginorrrrrrrmousssss!

chenboon said...

hello, long time never reply... :)

passing by this place yesterday. the restaurant have a wonderful environment and food looks delicious. hopefully will have change to try it soon... it seems like many blogger have visited it.

Flower said...

Wah lau, mahalnye burger. We had one of the best burger in W. Australia when we had our roadtrip to Prime Hotel in Albany, south western part of W.A. Thicky n juicy for only $15.00 with a big serving of chips. Yummo...

Babe_KL said...

J2Kfm, kenot judge a book by its cover!

no way Bangsar Babe haha

millipedemom, oh yes subway is way better!!!

no wonder la teckiee... i saw their staff handing out samples

c&c, dun!

hehehe jules, dun go there makan ok

chenboon, try at your own risk!

flower, only ramly burger is nice here :p

Just Another Msian said...

Hi babe! long time no hear from me. :p hehe

Ha.... so sad to hear your experience there was not good. Coupla weeks back a fren told me about it and I was excited... Cos we tried the NYNY in Citylink Spore and we LOVED it there.

Guess we wud haf to travel down south if we wan their pork chops :)

Pam @Foodyumz

HoneyBee said...

Hah... And I thought the one in 1Borneo (Sabah) is the one lacking kicks due to geographical factor. So it's nationwide...

Babe_KL said...

wow hi pam!!!! where have you been la???

honeybee, ahhh so Sabah's outlet is also lousy huh?

Dodgy_Coder said...

Tried this place last year (2009) and thought the clams in a light white wine/cream sauce was amazing. Am planning to go back there on an upcoming trip.