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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 20 March 2009

Review: Leong Meng Fatt Hakka Yong Tau Foo

Updated 23 March 2009 11:07am

Thanks to Moolah for highlighting, East coordinate was missed out and I've added in already.


Leong Meng Fatt Hakka YTF

There was one Sunday, we went over to Seri Kembangan to look for this yong tau foo (stuffed tofu and vegetables) place that I've read in a guide book. We managed to find it, thank goodness the road names were still intact :p The place is actually a shack by the roadside off the main road. We reached there at 10.00am and it seems that they've just opened for the day. Hence, we got loads of freshly made items loaded on the trays. All we needed to do was pick the pieces up and pass the plate to the auntie. They will then reheat the items and cutting them up before serving to us.

Leong Meng Fatt Hakka YTF - the spread

Deep fried items such as stuffed tofu puff, yau char kwai (Chinese crullers) , sui kow (dumpling), foo chuk (beancurd sheet); fishcake and etc were served piping hot just on their own unlike Leong Ya where they're served in beanpaste sauce. The items were made freshly there and they tasted good. The fishpaste were generous and springy upon a bite.

Leong Meng Fatt Hakka YTF - deep fried pieces2

Leong Meng Fatt Hakka YTF - deep fried pieces1

Some items are served in a clear broth such as ladyfingers, brinjal, bittergourd, soft tofu... Yums! My boiboi enjoyed them a lot too.

Leong Meng Fatt Hakka YTF - pieces in soup

Leong Meng Fatt Hakka YTF - white tofu

Capt'n Hook heard someone asking the aunties about paper wrapped chicken which got him pique. Upon asking, we were informed that the chicken are still being fried and need to wait for another 20 mins. We waited and got rewarded with tender and juicy chicken meat after tearing away the paper. This one is drier version and soaked with lots of oil as compared with Leong Ya's that are soaked with gravy. The best so far we have eaten were those served at Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant. The chicken meat is kinda crisp and very flavourful!!! Grrrr craving for some now!

Leong Meng Fatt Hakka YTF - paper wrapped chicken

We packed RM8 worth of Hakka Char Nyuk (braised deep fried pork belly with black fungus) for dinner. Capt'n Hook loved this a lot especially the gravy that went so well with rice.

Leong Meng Fatt Hakka YTF - Hakka Char Nyuk

It's 90 sens per piece of yong tau foo, slightly on a high side but the size is rather generous. I have to say the herbal tea served that day was one of the most delish chuk cheh sui (sugar cane) we have had in a long while! Even boiboi's soy bean is warm just delivered to the stall, tasted ori!

Leong Meng Fatt Hakka YTF - price

Here's a side story for a bit of humour on a Friday. My boiboi needed to take a leak whilst I was choosing the yong tau foo, his daddy took him to the toilet. Well, this is a kampung (village) and of course the toilet is ala kampung (sorry forgot to take a pic). Based on Capt'n Hook's description, it's a squat down toilet with some bricks for you to step on in a shed BUT he said it's well maintain and clean. Since the kid had never been to such toilet... Capt'n Hook said the first reaction outta boiboi's mouth was... "Ooowwwwww MANNNNN!!!!" LOL

To get to this place, coming from South City Plaza, you'll pass by Jalan Besar (thru the pekan and market). After Public Bank on your right, go on and look for Lifelong signage on a gray factory like building on your left. You'll need to turn in to the right at this traffic light junction. Sorry huh kinda wishy washy but if you have a GPS, punch in the coordinates.

Leong Meng Fatt Hakka Yong Tau Foo
18A Jalan 7/1
43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel: 6016-2640 335
GPS Coordinates: N 03° 01' 11.6" E 101° 42' 11.1"
Opening Hours: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Closed on Mondays

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choi yen said...

Oh, I saw new thing, stuffed yau char guai!!!ca

worldwindows said...

Seri Kembangan has alot of Hakka folks. YTF and Char Nyuk may be the best bet. The last I was in Seri Kembangan for food was 2 years ago. The paper wrapped chicken is flooded with oil but usually good. May be time for another visit.

Dragon City said...

oh...this place near by the famous hainan chicken rice..

Rebecca Saw said...

nvr venture so far for food..seri kembangan..not familiar at all!

KY said...

non halal for the win! :X

GFAD said...

Aiyo.. babe, your pix of taupok is killing me!! I miss fried taupok so much!!! And char yoke!! The China lam yue here is diff from those back home, so we can't replicate the flavours. Must ask mum to make hers when we get home!

Want to ask you, when you make garlic/onion crisps and oil for kon loh noodles, do you keep the garlic/onion soaking inside the oil? Or do you separate them?


Moolah said...

Er methinks the GPS coordinates are not complete.

Shouldn't there be two sets of numbers? One N and one E.

Babe_KL said...

very crunchy that one, mimi

world windows, loads of good makan places in SK, am slowly discovering them :p

yes dragon city

nomad gourmand, maybe you can organise a crawl wid your frens :D

YES, KY!!!

kat, depends on how i want them. if i wanted them crisp, i will separate them. keep the garlic/shallots crisps in air tight container but it can only last a day or 2. else i'll leave them soaking in the oil. i usually make a large batch cos its handy for yau choy :D

opps thanks moolah, i've updated it already

wmw said...

Hmmm...maybe make a pit stop here when visiting Teckiee!

Moolah said...

Thanks for the co-ordinates update Babe!

Now it's time for me to go there and eat eat eat...lolz!

Babe_KL said...

oh wmw, next time call us along!

thanks moolah, hope you'll find it