Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I HEART FatBoyBakes!!!

As some of you may have heard thru delicious floggers and facebook invites, there's a new, happening and hippiest club in town and yes, YOU, don't wanna miss the fun right? Then come right on and join the FatBoyBakes Fan Club!

Dedicated to our idol, fondly known as FBB, or perhaps over his delish sugar high delights! Membership have breached the 100 mark and it seems that there will be specially designed FBB Fan Club tees to be given away so hurry go join the club!!!

Be there or be square!!!

*FBB cute cherubic logo created by a lil' fat monkey


  1. join alrei join alrei! *hand clasped n waiting for t-shirt* LOL!

  2. join already lorr...so many bloggers promoting hahah

  3. wah...will have free tees....will join...kekeke

  4. hey vialentino, not so fast cos to get the tees foc, they shld be some kind of condition :p

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!!! aiyo, babe, thanks for this, but i am still gonna KILL awhiffoflemongrass for embarrassing me like this...i am a very shy person lerrr...........BLUSHING SCARLET RED!

  6. babe: Thanks for linking! Great promo for FBB. Hehe

    FBB embrace your stardom lah. Wanna hire make up artist or not? I can get from my company. LOL

  7. fbb, why r u embarassed, u shld be proud of yrself to be recognised in this way :D

    hi qwazymonkey, thanks for coming by... aiyoh yr comics are so cute leh!!


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