Monday, 16 March 2009

Review: I Love Yoo! @ The Gardens

We discovered a place in the vicinity of Sbread, Shihlin, Belanga and Nyonya Colors for a quick snack. The place is I Love Yoo! that sells "you tiau" (yau char kwai in Cantonese or Chinese crullers), sweet potato/yam balls, porridge and soy bean drink. It's a self-service conccept, so one would need to queue, choose the items, pay and carry the food to the table. Fine with us as the area allowed us to inter-order from the different stalls, much like a mini food court.

No wonder this place have a queue each time we pass by as I find they have quite a number of snacks available to pick from. Something different as these kinda deep fried snacks are usually available at the wet market or night market or at some corner in the city like my fave at Jalan Alor. Other than yau char kwai, you can find mar keuk (literally horse leg); kap chung (round crullers filled with glutinous rice in the centre); harm cyin pheng (flat round shaped crullers sometimes with red bean paste filling); cyin tooi of either peanut or lotus paste fillings(sesame balls); farn shu tarn (sweet potato balls) 2 types of porridges ie. dried scallop or peanut and dried oyster; soy bean drink and tau foo far (soy bean curd).

We both loved the Sesame Balls (RM1.40 each)! Mine's peanut filling and it has loads of peanut + sugar mixture inside. The skin is ultra crispy and each bite inundated with fragrant sesame. Urrghhh craving for one now! Capt'n Hook was chomping down on his lotus paste and I can hear the crunch :p

Sesame Ball RM1.40 each (peanut and lotus paste)

The Scallop Porridge Set (RM3.90) came with a bowl of porridge that is not too thick nor thin, just the right consistency and a bowl of sliced yau char kwai. The porridge came plain and you're free to add in condiments of sesame oil, pepper and soy sauce at the counter. Actually the porridge is pretty plain, no dried scallops were spotted, perhaps very little were used and the scallops splitted up into so tiny strips that are not visible to our human eyes. Otherwise, eaten with the yau char kwai, it's quite all right for a light snack or meal. However, the only thing problem is... this porridge contained large amount of MSG cos the whole evening, I had to drown myself with gallons of water :(

Scallop Porridge Set RM3.90

These yau char kwai came with the porridge. Very crispy indeed cos the frying was done right there. No chance to try the rest of the items as we wanted a light meal. Boiboi wanted soy bean drink but too bad they have run out of both the drink and tau foo far even though it was only 7ish in the evening.

Deep Fried Chinese Crullers (Yau Char Kwai)

I Love Yoo!
Lot LG-K-16, Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens

I've spotted an outlet in Pavilion's Food Republic.

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  1. When I eat porridge - yau char kwai is a must to have together.

  2. Good crowd at the Pavillion lot too. A tad too pricey for me since it's easily available by the roadsides & markets.

  3. Say no to MSG! I like how it's a plain simple meal, almost nostalgic, but the sound of MSG has put me off for life!

  4. i love yoo too ! hehe.. so cute.. eh, damn expensive hor those balls.. haha

  5. Just had these last week at their Sunway outlet! Loved it .. but yeah, a tad to pricey for just porridge and char kuey hor? What to do .. fully aircond and served mah ..right?

  6. i only go for the potato and yam balls.!miss those i had n Pg.. here in KL hard to find ;(
    But their version has coconut in it whch i dont like..

  7. I like this place to for a quick & simple snack... until my hubby pointed out how BLACK their cooking oil was! It put him off from ordering a 2nd round. It was already 4pm, so looks like they don't change their cooking oil for deep frying during the day. Not sure if they use clean cooking oil at 10am when they open. Something to pay attention to during your next visit.

    Our roadside stall's oil also not so BLACK in comparison.

  8. hello! i read often, and i don't remember when was the last time i dropped a comment though *^_^*

    I love this outlet! Why? Because for me, it's so difficult to find somewhere else which has Halal char kuai la... let alone with the porridge set! Yummy! I love it to bits!

  9. Much affordable now with set meals available. Choice of oyster peanut porridge or dry scallop porridge with a pair of YCK thrown in only @ RM 4.00! Service seriously needs attention @ The Gardens outlet.(30/11) Chinese girl staff so darn rude! Really felt like throwing the bowl of porridge at her face and using the YCK to slap her mouth!


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