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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sloppiest Bugger Won in 2008 NYC Food Film Festival

Remember my pimping on the sloppiest burger in Malaysia??? Well, I'm glad to announce that this video had won the Best Super Short Film award in the 2008 NYC Food Film Festival!!!!

I wish to congratulate the team at Friedchillies for their win. May you guys be blessed with more recognition and success.

Press Release:


New York, 20 June 2008 - FriedChillies Media won the Best Super Short Film at the NYC Food Film Festival on Friday night. The super short film titled 'The Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia' garnered top prize in the super short film category. Organisers of the festival dubbed it, 'Malaysia gonzo food reportage to the max. Watch out Bourdain'. "We can't believe we won and that people half the world away watched and loved our little film," said Mohd Adly Rizal, founder of FriedChillies Media and director of Sloppy. Audiences can watch the award-winning film on

The NYC Food Film Festival which is in its second year celebrates the best in food film-making. It was held at the Water Taxi Beach in Queens from the 14th to the 20th of June. FriedChillies Media sent 3 films of which the Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia was chosen for screening. On the second night of screening over 750 New Yorkers watched one of Malaysia's beloved street burgers take shape on-screen.

"We filmed the footage gonzo-style because that's what our street food is all about," added Adly. "Even though it was one of our first shorts for, I believe we won because the content has world-wide appeal." Another of the films titled 'Ipoh Invasion' was also considered for screening. However because of the limited run of the festival this year it might be slotted for next year's festival.

FriedChillies Media through its site has been promoting Malaysian cuisine be it street-fare or fine-dining to the world since 1997. They use a cross media platform to capture the hearts and tummies of food fans all over the world. In March 2007, FriedChillies launched Malaysia and Asia's first Internet Food Channel ( to further promote Malaysian cuisine to the world.

The NYC Food Film Festival is a multi-sensory experience where filmgoers are able to watch food films then sample the food portrayed in those films. For more information go to

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