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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 14 July 2008

Penang Makan Discoveries in June 2008 Part 2

We brunched at Kek Seng Kopitiam which is located along Penang Road, just across from Komtar. I remember having ice-cream here when I was really young like perhaps 7 years old? Geee... been so long since I last stepped into this kopitiam. I still remember the booth seats haha... and they're still there.

I got myself fried mee jawa (RM2.50), yeah FRIED. First time I came across a fried one. It came dry, like normal fried mee but this one tasted a bit tangy. Not bad at all and luckily the portion is not too much cos my hubby went overboard and ordered so much stuff.

Kek Seng's Fried Mee Jawa

Hubby got a plate of char koay teow which is nothing to shout about since there were better ones.

Kek Seng's CKT

We ordered 3 pieces of popiah basah and 4 pie tees (RM5.80) from a stall, opted to have some broth over the popiah. Sighhh after the Padang Brown's version, this really pales in comparison but its really not that bad. We loved the pie tee though with my boiboi finishing two. Topping the turnips fillings were strips of omelette. The chilli sauce went very well with the whole combi.

Kek Seng's Popiah Basah

Kek Seng's Pie Tee

We also have a plate of loh bak (RM6.80) which consisted of 2 items ie. ngoh hiang and something like cucur udang.

Kek Seng's Loh Bak

My boiboi got a bowl of koay teow tng (RM2.50) which he can't finish. Not that it wasn't good, just that there were too many other distractions like pie tee and popiah on the table haha. Moreover, he was eyeing the ice-cream and jelly at our next table. Most prolly saving space for that later, smart boy there.

Kek Seng's Koay Teow Tng

Thank goodness the portion were quite small, else there would have been wastage. Anyhow, we packed up those stuff that we can't finish. We need to leave room for these yummy homemade durian ice-cream!!!! They're so fragrant and smooth. They were served on an old school plate and came in the tiniest scoops ever! Darn... lucky thing we were quite stuffed, otherwise, not sure how many scoops we could down in one go.

Kek Seng's Durian Ice Cream

Since my boiboi doesn't take durian, it was rather funny to see him telling the ahpek in his angmoh slang Cantonese (yeah yeah they understood Cantonese here haha) that he doesn't want durian ice-cream in his ice-kacang with jelly. Kekeke the ahpek ask him what flavour and he replied strawberry. There were a few options of ice-kacang here, the one here is red bean and corn that came with one piece of jelly and 2 scoops of ice-cream. Other than the strawberry, the other given is a peanut which if I'm not mistaken is another of their famous homemade ice-cream. The ice-cream plus ice-kacang costed RM5.20.

Kek Seng's Ice Cream with Jelly

Hubby was craving for durians after all these and ask the ahpek where to get durians hahaha... Luckily they told him not to go Balik Pulau as they may be too expensive and gave him directions to get them else where. However, it's too bad we were too early for durians. There weren't any and told us to come back the next week for them! Sighhh... I missed all those thick, bitter sweetish ones from Balik Pulau.

On our way back to KL, we got caught in a massive jam for more than 2 freaking hours, well just to pass thru Jelapang toll! The next time we're going to skip PLUS! @$%&

Penang Makan Discoveries in June 2008 Part 1

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Ciki said...

dry mee jawa! never tried... is it like, fried up wet mee jawa till it's dry.. or is it just mee jawa kurang kuah.. ?! The pai tee looks yum - think i could eat a dozen of those.. no sweat;D

daphne said...

oh. Mee Jawa.. i only had it once.. and i dont think it was as dry as the photo here. hm..can't remember.

Reading the word durians made me crave for them again! said...

i just got back from penang. it was a really great weekend- total eating!

as usual, i went to lorong selamat for what is the best 'char kuay teow' in penang for me. then 2 bowls of penang's famous cendol (now they have their own shop down the road, no need to pay extra 50c to drink it in the adjacent shop). for dinner, it was seafood at paya trubong. and for supper, it was 'har kou' (prawn paste) chee cheong fun and lin chi kang at new lane. then tapau coffee from sim kim san restaurant for the next morning. yumm

Precious Pea said...

Oooo..i have been here for the ice kacang and yes, the peanut also quite famous.

Babe_KL said...

cumi&ciki, i din watch the process, it's a bit on wettish side so i guess, it's the kuah fried until dried up

daphne, it's a first for me too. mee jawa usually have thickish gravy

adrain, glad you had a yummy trip :D

pea ;-)

wmw said...

Aiks...aiyoh, must.must.go.Penang! Beh tahan!

Ms One Boobie said...

Awesome..!! i wanna visit penang too.. when i come home.. :)

twosuperheroes said...

Wow..we love the Pai Tee!!! But I still can't accept their banjir-style popiah... Tastes a bit strange. Haha :p

Babe_KL said...

haha wmw, shiok hor?

mamabok, quick come back for a visit!

twosuperheroes, the one at padang brown is nice and it soaks up the broth.

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rokh said...

now I miss my penang tripsss :)~~

Jason said...

They're upgrading the Jelapang toll, hence the jam :)

Nate @ House of Annie said...



I miss Penang.