Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Review: MG's Cafe

I used to eat this particular onigiri that hubby brought back after his prayer session. The nori sheet is kept crisp due to the creative wrapping designed. He has no idea where they got it from except that they're of vegetarian nature. However, I noticed there is a sticker with the logo MG's on it.

One afternoon after dropping off my boiboi for his cooking class at The Cooking House, hubby and I wandered around the neighbourhood and bumped into this MG's Cafe. Hey presto! I've found THE MG's haha very happy ok cos we really liked their onigiri.

We walked in and oo-ahs over their cakes, pastries and of course onigiris. They don't looked "vegetarian" at all!!! Best part was... one can just look at the logo on the labels to check if that particular item contains eggs or not!!! Fabulous! Other than selling these, MG's Cafe also serves food ranging from snacks, noodles, rice and individual meals.

Since we have 2 hours to kill, other than having onigiris, the server recommended us their Fried Chicken (RM8.50). She said it tastes like the real thing. Gosh I think we got suckered into it! The nuggets looked good and smelt good... somehow they doesn't tasted like chicken nor the texture was anywhere near one hahaha... Duh we were expecting them to be like those served at normal vegetarian restaurants. She mentioned they're primarily made outta some kind of beans that I can't remember nor know how to pronounce since she only knew the name in Mandarin. The nugget is crispy on the outside but kinda like potato croquet on the inside. Best eaten dipped in chilli sauce. The chicken is served with coleslaw and mash potatoes. The coleslaw was ok but the mash is lousy. I think those are powdered ones and tasted horribily FAKE. We left the lump untouched after tasted a small bite.

MG - fried chicken RM8.50

I picked a brown rice with tuna onigiri (RM3.50) as shown on the left whilst hubby had a sambal dried shrimp onigiri (RM3.20). The triangle shaped rice snack are wrapped in nori with loads of fillings in the centre. The tuna and sambal dried shrimp tasted like the real thing, just don't ask me how but they do. We loved them both!

MG - onigiri - brown rice tuna (RM3.50) & sambal shrimp (RM3.20)

Hubby had a cup of chamomile tea (RM3.80) and myself, a very delicious cup of hot milo (RM3.30). The milo brought back loads of memory as it tasted almost like school days' milo van version.

If you fancy some yummilicious onigiri and vegetarian cakes, head on to MG's Cafe.

MG's Cafe
Vegetarian Cafe & Bakery
38-G Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2300 3118
Click here for map

Other branches:
47 Jalan USJ 10/1A
UEP Subang Jaya
Tel: 603-5631 3023

7-G Jalan PJS 11/28
Sunway Metro
Bandar Sunway
Tel: 603-5638 1295

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  1. wah.. i like lah.. somemore vegan..these days i try not to consume too much meat.. unless it is siew yoke and char siew hahaha...These look super yummy. must go kpc over at Subang over the weekend to find where exactly the location of the shop is

  2. it does look like fried chicken though! even though it isnt!!

  3. the food is ok, but their response to book for catering is really poor. I have been waiting for 1 week and keep on chase them to send me the quotation but still don't receive it. i wonder is it really need such as long time to fax it over???


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