Monday, 21 July 2008

Chicken and Black Fungus With Wine Soup

No need introduction... this is the standard classic confinement food fare. You can try this even though you're not under confinement, just reduce the amount of ginger and/or wine. Yummy to be eaten with mee sua or noodles.

Chicken and Black Fungus With Wine Soup

Chicken and Black Fungus With Glutinous Wine Soup

1 free-range chicken drumstick, cut into pieces
50g shredded ginger
20g black fungus, soaked and shredded
100ml glutinous rice wine (can be replaced with ginger wine)
300ml water
1 tbsp sesame oil

1. Heat sesame oil and add in ginger. Fry until ginger is crispy before adding the black fungus.

2. Add in the chicken pieces, stir-fry till aromatic. Pour in wine and water, bring to boil.

3. Lower the heat and simmer for about 15 mins until chicken is tender. Dish up and serve immediately.

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  1. Yummy..!! thanks for sharing the recipe.. :) i will look out for the rice wine or ginger wine.. when i am next up in halifax.

  2. i like this soup - but some ppl find it too winey.. too strong smelling. i think it's great on a cold nite:D

  3. What my mom did for me was she will hammer lots of 'old' gingers. And boiled with kampong chicken with black fungus. But she didn't add glutinuous rice wine but use Brandy instead.

  4. Love this soup too. I ate a lot of black fungus while on confinement. Hmmm...maybe I should cook this for dinner later!

  5. I am not sure why but my mum will fry the black fungus in a dry oil free pan first. Dish that out then continue as rest of your method. We add peeled peanuts into the version which is distributed to relatives for the 12th day ceremony which announces the birth.

  6. Nice dish, especially for confinement. All warm up after eating and helps blood circulation.

  7. np mamabok, hope you'll get to eat this soon

    hahaha i guess different ppl have different likings, cumi&ciki

    nkotb & sh, i guess there were many variations on how to cook this

    ;-) christine

  8. this is one of my fav soup. i think it is one of those few food items that is yummy and at the same time very nutritious.. seldom do i find such a winning combination :D

  9. oooh, this is my favourite confinement soup. no adverse effects right, even if you dont reduce ginger and wine?

  10. Babe Jie...i still got like 5 bottles of homemade rice wine ;-)

    must make my granma make those laici wine. :D

    by the way, i'm eating this dish too much la, since wifey is in confinement and surprisingly, the indoensian confinement lady we hired knows how to cook this dish...and even chui kiok cho (pig trotter with vinegar)

  11. I love love this dish!! In fact, I request my grandma to make it whenever I'm back in SG!


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