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Penang Makan Discoveries in June 2008 Part 1

We took a short trip up to Penang during the June school holidays. We arrived way passed lunch hour since there was this crawl at the start of the Penang Bridge right till the end of it! Since it was kinda late, hubby took a chance and drove to Pulau Tikus. Now, for the 3rd time in 5 years, he had wanted me to try the siamese laksa at Swee Kong but each time either we were too early or they were closed for reasons known to themselves. We got lucky after getting a parking space with 30 minutes left in the meter to boost. Second time lucky when we walked into Swee Kong and found that the Siamese laksa stall is opened! Hubby quickly secured two bowls and I got something else for boiboi.

Here was the bowl of the elusive Siamese laksa!!! 5 freaking years before I can get a taste... bah. Maybe the long wait had cooked up a high expectation of this laksa, I think it was just all right. Nevertheless it was still good enough for us to lap up every single drop of soup from the bowl. It's quite similar to the assam laksa variety, just that this has santan in it but not a lot. My aunt used to make a killer Siamese laksa which explained why huh?

Swee Kong's Siamese Laksa

Needless to mentioned, we rushed to the back of this shop to get our bubur cha cha fix. Goodness, it still tasted sooo good... lots of sweet potatoes and yam.

That evening, we went out fairly early in search for dinner since my boiboi didn't ate much of his lunch. We checked with the concierge on how to get to New World Park after hearing so much of this place from the Penang bloggers. The Pak Cik took out a map and showed us. Whilst he was pointing, I saw the words Padang Brown and asked him about it. He was surprised that I've heard about it. I didn't tell him I got to know it via Lilian's blog haha... He said that place has got lots of hawker stalls where the locals would go. However, he said most of the Chinese stalls are open during the afternoons and the Malays would be open in the evenings.

With me being the navigator, we went thru the roads but somehow we missed New World Park. The next thing I knew, I saw the sign Padang Brown hahaha... Malaysia is really hopeless with the kinda signage they put up! Hubby swerved in and park, well, just to try our luck. Noticed over at the Chinese stalls side, there were only very few stalls remained opened. The rest were either closed or in the midst of cleaning up. You know, I was extremely happy to note the man selling popiah was sitting there lepaking. Hubby asked if he still has got any left and he nodded. Woooo, his face just like the one Lilian had posted haha.

Padang Brown's Popiah Basah

Hubby ordered 4 popiahs (RM5.20) and guess what??? My boiboi whacked 2 on his own and I just knew why... cause this popiah IS the best that I've ever tasted!!! It has lots of crabmeats on top of the usual turnips fillings. Also, a first for us to have a clear broth ladle over the popiahs. The broth tasted of seafood, most likely from the crabs. Superb!

Padang Brown's Popiah Basah with big chunk of crabmeat

Hubby ordered the Pasembur (RM2.50) next to this popiah stall and some satay (RM4.00 for 10 sticks chicken satay) from a Malay stall. Sad to say, these two paled in comparison.

Padang Brown's Pasembur

Padang Brown's Satay Padang Brown's Satay Sauce

Not satisfied, we shoot off in search of New World Park. After taking some u-turns and we were back to the start of our hotel hehehe... this time, with the map in my mind, I look around and suddenly I saw this teeny weeny signage with arrow pointing to New World Park, apaler! Sighh we managed to locate the place finally. The moment we went inside the hawker stalls, hubby just have to choose to sit right in front of the drinks and dessert stall in the middle of the huge place. He was so tempted with the varieties of ice-kacangs and ice-creams. As we were quite full from our quick stop at Padang Brown, hubby just ordered a small plate of orh jien (oyster omelette). I tell you, for the price of RM5, you could never ever get such a huge plate of orh jien with fat juicy oyster in KL. Best of all, it tasted fantabulous. Next time, we will just zoom in here to grab our food hahaha cos there were quite a number of well patronised stalls.

New World Park's Oyster Omelette

New World Park's Ice Kacang Special

I have seen and heard of Tee Nya kuih but it was my first time seeing it at this drink stall. So I packed one container back (RM2.00). Inside has a bag of gula melaka syrup to go with them. I tried them later that night. They're kuih like texture but not mushy though, however when I put them in my mouth, it's kinda like jelly. I just can't describe it. My hubby said out loud if only I can make this kuih since he never like the kuih I've made.

New World Park's Tee Nya Kuih New World Park's Tee Nya Kuih with gula melaka

I've tried searching for this Tee Nya recipe in the net but there were none. Any Penangites have this recipe to share??

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  1. wow .. what glorious food.. and i have never had popiah in gravy before.. looks very inviting..make me suddenly crave for hawker food for dinner tonite :)

  2. My grandma used to make Tee Nya kuih every CNY, but I don't think she passed down her recipe. Now I really miss eating the pan-fried version of this kuih. :(

  3. the hor jien looks yum! for 5 bucks.. not bad. that's what i'l order the next time ..cheers!

  4. Kee Nyah Kueh . . . i have to ask my old aunt for the recipe. Its damn nice to go with braised pork . . . . .

    Remind me again k ?

  5. OMG... You want to kill me or what??? I feel like hopping on the first plane out....

  6. yozora, this is the best popiah i've ever eaten!!! maybe we shld organise a food crawl up north :p

    belacan, pan-fried tee nya? shld be interesting

    cumi&ciki, well worth manifolds over the RM5!

    mike, huh eat with bak???

    kekeke poor lisa, tempted to come back soon or not???

  7. Love the laksa.. ! why the popiah so watery one..??

  8. simon, not dat nice wor this bowl

    mamabok, not sure lah this one is penang style i guess

  9. Woohoo just came back from Penang, already miss the laksa from padang brown ::drool::
    anyway, I found this recipe in the kuali website, the call it kan sui koe (
    300 cup rice flour
    50 gm green bean flour
    400 ml water (can use thin santan if you like the lemak kind)
    3 tsp ash water (kee)
    800 ml water + yellow colouring or pandan extract
    150 gm gula melaka
    50 gm castor sugar
    50 ml water
    pandan leaves
    200 ml thin santan
    50 ml thick santan

    1. Mix together ingredient A until smooth. Strain after 20 minutes if necessary.
    2. Boil ingredient B. Add ingredient A and mix until batter is thick and heavy.
    3. Pour batter into pan and steam over boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Turn down the heat then steam for another half hour. Remove from water to cool before cutting.
    4. Boil ingredient C (except santan) until sugar dissolves. Add santan and cook at low heat for a few minutes.

  10. The tee nya kuih looks just like the lompat tikam kuih in kelantan. Those of you heading there should give it a try. By the way, after been to so many places in m'sia, I found this corner-house makan shop somewhere in kebun sultan kota bharu kelantan dishing out the best fish-head curry I,ve ever tasted. Others who I have recommended it also gave the thumbs up. Look it up. The cook is a chinese guy.

  11. Hohoh. I hv been searching for Tee Nya kueh in KL ever since I "migrated"'s a Pg thing i think..yup u ate at all the right places durin ur trip ;p
    cos that's my round too whenever i'm bk in Pg! heh


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