Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Review: A Little Bakery at Semua House Food Court

Over the years when I run errands over at Masjid India area, I've discovered the yummilicious Rosli Mee Rebus and then later this little bakery that has no name located at a corner inside Semua House's food court at the basement. I just stumbled upon it one day when I went to the food court to look for food. Now most times, I will go to this bakery to grab some buns/pastries, well if I'm lucky!!! Apparently there is a timing as to what goodies roll out of the oven each day. Buns are usually available quite late like 1.30pm. Since it's usually crowded, I didn't manage to ask about it. Otherwise, egg tarts, cheese tarts, coconut tarts, butter cakes, danish style pastries would be available.

As the lot is pretty small, so far I've not seen the full range of goods they sell. Moreover, their pastries and buns sell like hot cakes!!! No chance for them to be on the trays too long...

So far, I've tried their coconut tart which is good. Egg tart (RM1.00) so-so only cos I didn't like the pastry casing, still prefer Tong Kee's.

SH - egg tart RM1.00

This round I gotten the Oyster Sauce Chicken bun (RM1.40) which is fantastic! A bit kempis (flat) from my rough handling haha cos when I bought it that time it was round and fluffy.

SH - oyster sauce chicken bun RM1.40

Then I have the Sausage Cheese Mayo bun (RM1.40) which is quite nice, it's soft and moist. So far this is the only time I was lucky enough to see any buns hahaha... The rest no comment yet but loads of regulars asking for this and that which are still baking in the oven.

SH - sausage cheese mayo bun RM1.40

I was told there is a branch at the food court of Menara City One (next to Semua House) serving the same goodies. Sorry I do not have much details about this bakery nor have it's contact number. Will get it the next trip I'm there.

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  1. Mammoul biscuits are those arab cookies filled with dates and/or nuts. Didn't you mention before something about arab cookies?

    Is that oyster chicken bun filling like siew pau filling?

  2. I don't fancy egg tarts with this kind of pastry casing too. Tong Kee is also my favourite. Still can't find another egg tart that can beat 'em.

  3. Egg tarts....we likey!! Hahah...but we still prefer Portuguese Egg Tarts. Their pastry casing is tastier than ones on the normal egg tarts.

  4. kat, the arab biscuit i made is entirely different one. the bun filling tasted like our chinese stir fry oyster sauce chicken with onions

    simon, me too!

    2superheroes, those portugese ones are too sweet for me ler :p


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