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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 31 March 2008

Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2008 (National Craft Day 2008)

Welcome to Craft Expo

Last week hubby was at his client's place at Kompleks Kraf and noticed there is an expo going on. He went round and saw many interesting stuff so we decided to bring our city boiboi to check things out. They have allocated some free parking lots around. The one we parked were behind Prince Court Hospital which was labelled C which is a huge place but its kinda the rough it out kind. They just dumped gravel stones on a few parts to level the ground and have many pot holes. It's one big mess after a heavy down pour when we left. There are a couple more A and B but A which is within the complex has limited space and B is a bit of walking distance away.

There were numerous huge tents set up for the displays and each tent has a theme of some kind ie. crafts made out of forest sources, batik, international crafts etc. The layout of the displays are prominently display all around the huge complex.

There were many traders displaying rattan wares and all these items are on sale. I noticed the price here is very reasonable and you can bargain for a fair price.

Baskets and all sorts of ratan weaving More baskets and weavings

There are even modern design handbags for fashionistas.

Modern bags done by weaving mengkuang leaves

There is a stall displaying gasing, a type of traditional top which fascinates my boiboi. There's a man displaying how to spin the top. We got boiboi the starter version at only RM5.00! Get the man to test out the top first before walking away with one cos you'll need one that can balance properly. There's one displaying various traditional drums.

Gasing - traditional top Various traditional drums

Flowers fashioned out of dried leaves

Then there were flower stalls fashioned out of dried leaves and so forth. Very colourful indeed.

Flowers fashioned out of dried leaves - close up rose Flowers fashioned out of dried leaves - close up sunflower

As we walked on, I heard a very sweet familiar music. As I got closer, I saw a man playing angklung (is this how it's spelt?) which is a traditional musical instrument fashioned out of bamboos. I tell you this guy is good!

Man playing angklung Man playing angklung - view from back

This is how they looked like individually which one can play just like that instead of rows of them shown above.


Colourful beadings from East Malaysia.

Beadings from Borneo More beads<

This lady was seen weaving a rattan ball.

Ratan ball weaving

Fancy some old school coin box made of bamboos???

Fancy some traditional coin box made of bamboo

This piece of wall display is fashioned out of tree roots.

Wall hanging crafted with roots

Wood carvings.

Wau carvings

These flowers were made using fish scales!

Flowers made of fish scale Flowers made of fish scale - close up

This man is seen resting after working on his kuda kepang, a type of horse weaved out. Kuda kepang is used in a Malay dance from Johor.

PakCik taking a rest from making Kuda Kepang

The larger tents have stage in them showcasing various traditional dances and for this instance there was this keroncong session going on.

Keroncong session

In tent number 10 (I think or could be 11), there are a few crafters around showing off their skills. Other than that you can paint your own batik or clay FOC.

The making of labu air

The lady is chiselling away making congkak

Students painting clay Batik painting

This man is moulding the batik mould Batik painting - woman drying our master piece hehehe

You can also have your portrait sketched.

Fancy having your potrait sketched out

The man on the left is carving sand stones, on the right, the man from Semporna, East Malaysia was crafting wooden ships.

Man from Semporna carving out ships Stone carving

Over at the smallish international showcase, there is only a handful of crafters and all of them are Asian crafters ranging from dyeing cloth in natural dyes and materials from India; inlay crafting from Iran; embroidery from Bangladesh and stone carving from Nepal. Sounds rather pathetic huh?

Natural dye from plants etc are used together with mud which result the cloth came out with those cracked like prints.

Dying shirts using natural dye and mud from India After the mud is dry, can see the natural cracking

The most interesting of the lot is this Inlay craft from Iran. The man saw pieces of wood and join them all up to form pictures.

Mr Mehran from Iran showing his Inlay skills. He's sawing the wood piece to fit into the painting. Mr Mehran from Iran showing his Inlay skills. He's fitting the sawed piece by hammering lightly.

Inside the main complex, there are rows and rows of traders displaying batik! Quite boring actually cos they looked kinda similar except for a couple. Also on display were Malay keris and pedang (sword).

Modern batik robes Keris


What is expo without food haha... There is a huge tent that serves all sorts of food. Most of them are Malay stalls but I think there's one Nothern Indian cos there's a tandoor oven there. Since we just wanted some snacks, we have some very yummy cucur udang (the stall next to the Northern Indian one). From one of the stalls, I tried their bubur chacha and kuih talam. Both I have to say are superb!!! I haven't eaten such a nice creamy bubur cha cha in a long while, the creaminess is totally not over powering. They did not stinge with the ingredients for the kuih talam definitely. It's so hard to find soft, fragrant ones these days.

Food tent

Bubur Chacha Kuih Talam

Overall, I find the expo quite disappointing. There were more traders than crafters. This is like a huge bazaar hahaha. I thought it would be more appropriate for them to showcase the experts' skills. Such a pity else my boiboi's generation will be totally at lost with all these beautiful crafts that we have in the country.

Anyway, it's still interesting to pay them a visit. The expo is on from 23 March till 7th April 2008. Opening hours is 10.00am till 10.00pm. Location is at Kompleks Kraf, Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur. Map can be found here.


Unknown said...

Wow.. there is so much to see at the Expo. I was at the Kompleks 2 years ago with some Japanese friends and they were quite impressed with our handicrafts but they would have been totally bowled over now if they could see the crafts being done.. ;)

Babe_KL said...

yeah yozora, this expo looks like lots of locals looking for bargains. only a smattering of foreigners visited while i was there

Desparil said...

oh man, i haven't been there in ages..

sckhoo said...

Weird, isn't it? my office is just next door to the complex and never thought of visit them.

I will definitely find some time next couple of days to do that.


realitylane said...

Hi, great write-up! I made a link to this, hope you don't mind.. thanks!

Babe_KL said...

des, this was my second ever visit. my first was during my secondary school days!!! hahaha

sc, enjoy ok

no problem k

Unknown said...

hey u went to the kraf bazaar. its interesting that there are some craftsmen like the kuda kepang.

actually, the kompleks has a permanent bazaar like for artists at the centre, but not in the main building. it is on the left if you face the building.

not many ppl know about this, and it is quite a pity. in fact, i was told even when there is these bazaars, the permanent tenants behind still dont get much attention.

a pity.

Babe_KL said...

yes i noticed those pavillions quachee