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Review: Let's Log 'n Roll

UPDATED 21 July 2008

The kiosk has shifted to Ikano Power Centre, opposite A&W or beside Uncle Lim


After our share-share dinner, we bumped into my ex-colleague at one of those kiosks at LG, Midvalley Megamall. I was surprised to see him busy selling his wares there hahaha... but it's a good thing! I was quite happy to see the wares he's peddling... one of my fave food! It's chee cheung fun (rice noodles) that came in pre-packaged form. Just need to steam or microwave them. How convenient!

Apparently all these while his family have been the producer and supplier of chee cheung fun. It is only a few days back they started to retail the pre-packages at a kiosk with the name Log 'n Roll.

Log 'n Roll

There are quite a number of varieties of pre-packaged ones ranging from plain, dried shrimps, oats, emerald (dried shrimps and spring onions) and etc. All of them priced differently. I've got a pack of emerald for RM4.00. Inside has 8 rolls which is really value for money. The stall near my house sells similar stuff for RM1 per roll!

LnR - emerald ccf RM4.00

However, you'll need to buy the sauces separately though which came in tubs. They have sweet sauce (RM1.00), soy sauce, hoisin sauce and crispy prawn chilli (RM3.00). Hubby picked sweet sauce and crispy prawn chilli.

LnR - emerald ccf before steaming LnR - sauces up close

My ex-colleague recommended us to steam them as it will produce a softer roll. So I steamed them up for breakfast yesterday. The rolls practically glistened after steaming. I had mine with some soy sauce (my own one LOL) and crispy prawn chilli which is quiet HOT. The chee cheung fun is smoothhh.

LnR - ccf served with soya sauce and crispy prawn chilli

Hubby had his with sweet sauce (sorry huh the pics looked like a mess pile of **** hehehe). It was okay but he said would have been better if there were more dried shrimps.

LnR - ccf with sweet sauce

Overall, the chee cheung fun is smooth, conveniently packed and most importantly, it's reasonabily priced. The only thing now is we can get them from Midvalley Megamall at the moment. Have to give them some time before they start retailing them at more places. I don't remember seeing any halal logo on the pack plus there is no expiry date printed on the pack. Some minor hiccup but I doubt one would keep these for long hehe. Oh yeah, you can also have them done up with various sauces ie. cheese (I find it weird ok), mushroom etc to be eaten on the spot. I bought one pack to pai nien with another chee cheung fun lover. Must be her first to receive that for new year hehe. Will check with her for her verdict later.

Head on to Log 'n Roll kiosk to bring back some chee cheung fun to savour at home.

Log 'n Roll
Kiosk in front of Bee Cheng Hiang/C-Jade

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  1. The chee cheong fun looks pretty good from your pics. No, they don't look like a messy pile of **** Haha. Didn't know this chee cheong fun has become so economical already. Interesting! :p

  2. such a cool name. So craving for some now. And it looks so convenient too! Good to stash in the freezer for some supper time.

  3. The mandarin words mean "chu long yap sui" (water went into the pig's cage)!

    And the CCF looks like Teluk Intan's version.

  4. Aaaahhhh! I want! I want! You know I'm a CCF fan too, right?

  5. haha i think i need to try this soon..makes a great supper snack!

  6. I ate 2 rolls and left the other 6 rolls for later..something so nice have to be savored slowly :). Thanks so much babe for the yummy CCF. Will return the favor by buying you the Dang Wangi Nasi Lemak for lunch tomorrow :).. beef rendang & sotong yeah?

  7. hehe thanks twosuperheroes

    daphne, i dun think can be stored in the freezer but wud be good if can :p

    wow thanks jason for the translation but whats the connection huh? :p eh teluk intan has choy poe right? this one dun have

    wmw, u can get them next tues!! kekeke

    definitely mamabok

    yes joe

    thanks in advance yozora!

  8. I saw this stall and wanted to try but pulled away by Hubby :(

  9. Have to give them some time before they start retailing them at more places


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