Thursday, 28 February 2008

Review: Pastries from Yik Kee Restaurant


Last weekend I had to FFK the JFKA session cos we decided to drive up the hill for some, well I won't say it's relaxing, perhaps... fun? Hubby and I were happy cos boiboi said he was super duper happy. I'm sure he does but seriously it's not that fun anymore, for me at least, going round and round on children rides... quite harrowing when you have a crazy little terrorist that spin the bloody teacup in detrimental speed!!! We were glad to see him smiling ear-to-ear bumping around in the children bumper car ride. He did that 3 rounds before we dragged him away for dinner (more on that later). Being the kiasu parent, we maximised our money by going for more rides after out dinner since the park opens till 10.00pm these days, making sure we don't picked those that can churn our tummy and say hello to the trash can at the end of the ride. Boy, I was glad that there wasn't that many people at the park after 7.00pm. We practically occupied most of the rides all by ourselves! Shiok hahaha... no queue and don't even need to get our butt off and the attendants willingly set another round for us. So I guess that must be the tip to avoid crowds plus the admission is cheaper after 7.00pm.

Anyway, this post is not about the park definitely, this is a food blog afterall hehe. Most times on our way up to Genting Highlands, we will drop by at Yik Kee at Gohtong Jaya to grab some pastries. Our first visit to Yik Kee, aeons ago was on our way to Cherating in the little Karak town. That was when we tasted our very first durian tart, fell in love with them over and over again. The proprietor's son had informed us that the durian used are from their own durian orchard and they are of D24 variety. You can get durian tarts 365 days here cos they freeze their supplies for the pastries.

Last weekend, we were surprised to see a soft-served ice-cream machine up front of the shop. There were 2 flavours available, chocolate and of course durian. My boiboi opted for chocolate which is good and hubby of course got the durian one. I forgot how much but the durian alone is RM2.40 which came in a huge blob on top of the cone unlike the tiny little blob at Ikea's. I have to say the durian ice-cream is very very yummy, full of REAL durian flavour. Much better than New Zealand Ice-cream's Durian Flo!!! You can opt to have a mixture of the 2 flavours.

The star attraction are of course these babies... durian tarts.

YK - durian tarts

Please excuse for the cracks hahaha the result of swinging and swaying going up the hill. The custard is incredibily creamy and rich with durian flesh. I didn't like the pastry though, it's of the shortcrust kind and I can taste the margarine in them. If I can have my way, I would have just scoop out the durian custard and eat them like it is but I won't of course as it's sinful to waste food :p I've tasted Happy Meal version but still I find Yik Kee's better.

Had wanted to try the durian bombs but so far haven't got the chance. They're always sold out! No durian cake available either. Got a kaya swiss roll instead which I had always liked. The cake texture is finer than Yut Kee's and looks better too but Yut Kee won in terms of fragrant for cake.

YK - kaya swissroll

I remember Miss Sweet 16 had told me many times that Yik Kee is famous for their siew bao (baked bun) but not sure why we never bothered with them. Karak is her dad's hometown, so she should know better huh??? I gotten a couple each of the chicken (with sesame seeds topping) and pork siew baos. Hubby had the pork one there and then... aiks the pastry is too thick and has very little filling. I tried one chicken siew bao in the car which had very thick pastry as well but I have to say the filling was tasty.

YK - Siew Bao

YK - Pork Siew Bao YK - Chicken Siew Bao

Are you drooling over the durian tarts? With 2 branches in the Klang Valley, you need not go Karak nor Gohtong Jaya for them. Head over to their PJ or TTDI branch to check them out. However, please call them first cos I was told the TTDI branch doesn't have these tarts but have durian pancake instead, not sure what's the latest happening.

YK - pastries menu

Yik Kee Restaurant
29 Jalan Besar
28600 Karak
Tel: 609-231 1240

Gohtong Jaya Branch:
22 & 23 Jalan Jati 1
Gohtong Jaya
69000 Genting Highlands
Tel: 603-6100 3240

Restaurant Sri Karak, Petaling Jaya Branch
17 Jalan 52/8
Section 52
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-7958 3240

Taman Tun Dr Ismail Branch
(Sorry, I've tried to search for the addy but couldn't find but managed to get the coordinates haha, so you gotta whip out your GPS! If not mistaken it's behind Shakey's.)
Location: N3.142092 E101.629692

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  1. wink!! wink!! siu pao?! SIU PAO!!!! ARGGG GIV MII GIV MII~

  2. hahaha yammylicious but the pastry is too thick worrr

  3. Hmm, the pastry for the siew pao is a bit thick la. But you know, before you mention the reason for the crack in the custard of the egg tart... I thought it was a special signature sign or something! Hahaha...

    Famous Karak Cracked Egg Tart, anyone? :P

  4. The durian bomb WASN'T da bomb. Tried it once, dunno whether they have improved or not.

  5. I tried their durian tart from the PJ branch and found the pastry case soggy. The durian bomb was quite nice only if you have them fresh. I've tried it fresh out of the oven and once at night. Needless to say, there was a great difference in taste.

  6. oh gawd! you're making me so very jealous!!!

    no durians here in the US, let alone durian tarts! and ice cream :(((

  7. aiyoh..need to come here after having dinner..but i always prefer actual durians! bcoz they hav some pretty good ones around when its in season..

  8. hahaha very funny, kenny!!!

    wmw, somehow their pastries really need lots of improvement

    ohhh so must eat fresh huh bangsar babe

    awww so poor thing marias23

    ahh definitely a yes joe but when they're not in season, then these will have to make do lorrr

  9. it's been a while since i went to gohtong jaya and genting. looking at these now, i'm craving for the durian bomb again! *sigh*


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