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Review: CNY Set Dinner at Fatty Sang Restaurant

This year Fatty Sang has set dinner planned for Chinese New Year. My mother decided to book the RM398 set, the most expensive set available as the boss said this is the most value for money set. Anyway, yeah it's cheap cos this is a no frill, no aircon nor any specific wait staff assigned to your table heh!

To cut all the craps, let's get on to the food. First up is of course the yue sang. The salmon fish slices was in an almost frozen state but the overall mixture is quite all right.

FS - salmon yue sang

The second course is a 5 varieties platter. The deep fried stuff were nice but a bit salty for us since we're more used to blander food.

FS - 5 varieties platter

Next up was the sharks fin soup. I know it's not environmentally friendly but I doubt these are the real thing. I liked this soup cos it's not starchy at all and has loads of shredded dried scallops. The soup alone is flavourful enough that I did not need to add in any black vinegar or pickled green chillies.

FS - sharksfin scallops soup

Then we were served this fish, not sure of the name but in Cantonese it's 7 sing parn (7 star). It's just steamed plainly with soy sauce which is a good thing as it doesn't mask the sweetness of the flesh.

FS - steamed 7 sing parn

We have a plate of prawns in 2 styles, one tasted like marmite but mom said it's soy sauce. The other one has mayo on them. I prefered the soy sauce one.

FS - 2 varieties of prawns

Next came this dish that have abalone slices and sea cucumber. Errr the dish was massacred before the turntable reached my side. Since I don't like sea cucumber, I reserved my comments for this dish. Judging from the speed of it disappearing, I guess it must have been delish.

FS - abalone and sea cucumber dish

We were served the customary vegetarian dish that looked extremely hairy awful hahaha... underneath the pile of black moss (fatt choy) were glutens, beancurd sheets (dao bao) and vegetables. The serving is actually quite huge cos by this dish, everyone slowed down.

FS - vegetarian dish of glutens, dao bao with fatt choi (seaweed)

We were so stuffed by time the glutinous rice steamed in lotus leaf arrived. I just took one bite and the rice is too soft to taste the "Q"ness. Flavour is ok but not much ingredient in there I think but then I did not dig in.

FS - glutinous rice in lotus leaf

The dinner ended with a bowl of chilled herbal sweet soup that have dried longan, and honey sea coconut other than herbs. Since my parents were regular there, we were given a plate of complimentary agar-agar. Sorry, no pictures for both as my boiboi took my digicam and fooled around with it.

The food is generally ok but I prefered their ala carte instead as the set have some hits and misses but one can't please everyone yeah?

If you can read Chinese, click the CNY menus to enlarge:

Fatty Sang Menu 1 and 2 Fatty Sang Menu 3

Fatty Sang Restaurant
30 Tingkat Bawah, Jalan Ambong Dua
Kepong Baru
Tel: 012-361 5605 / 012-205 5116
Click here for map.

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  1. Isn't it sad that CNY is coming to an end? (Although our tummies will be quite relieved, I must say!)

  2. Wow..!! lots of food.. i will die for .. right now. ;)

  3. Fatty Sang was all the hype a few years back...has been quite quiet these days...

    i thought the vegetarian dish looked like a balding head..hehe

  4. yep, those sharks fins are fake. I have a whole pack of them sitting in my fridge still. ;)

  5. Oh those lovely food, got o agree with you that ala carte dishes are much more better thean those set dinners!

  6. Niceeee...we had our Chinese New Year set dinner too while we were back home in Malacca...miss those fakey shark's fin.. :p

  7. Well, I suppose fake shark's fin is a tad more politically correct, no? But what a pity about the glutinous rice steamed in lotus leaf --- I love it when it's done just right. Heavenly...

    Last round of greetings: Gong Xi Gong Xi! :D

  8. The shark's fin look like tang hoon! :o) Which is a good thing ... for the shark!

  9. Happy New Year, Babe! The vegetarian dish looks scary hahaha looks like a bald man with a beer belly hahahahaha! But I'd kill for the fresh steamed fish and the prawns!

  10. The last rice dish is usually 'wasted', don't u think? At times, I have d urge to just pack it home.

  11. haha yeah lemongrass but this year i din really indulged :p

    poor mamabok

    is it nic? i thot they opened not many years ago :p

    beeyinn, when you gonna cook them??

    BBO, yeah

    feeling less guilty huh, twosuperheroes, kenny and wmw hehe

    eeeeyerrrr lisa! LOL hahahaha aiyoh :p

    tummythoz, if got plenty of leftover, we'll usually tar pau one :p


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