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Hawker Stalls Around Changkat Ceylon, Lorong Ceylon and Jalan Mesui

Come lunch time, Changkat Ceylon, Lorong Ceylon and Jalan Mesui will be abuzz with activities. It is very popular amongst the office workers around this area to have their lunch at the hawkers at these stretches. I used to come here very often when my office was nearer. These days I will only come here once in a long while due to the distance.

There are a lot of good stuff around here ranging from the mixed rice stall located within a Chinese temple along Changkat Ceylon (that leads to Wisma MPL's carpark) which sells vegetarian dishes on the 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar. No doubt the dishes are very tasty but it's super duper expensive, hence we will shun this place as much as we can as sometimes the price can be very ridiculous. Right outside this stall, there is a row of hawker stalls. The first one is a mamak which does quite an ok mee goreng.

Next to this mamak is a Chinese noodle stalls offering wantan noodles, pan meen etc and on Fridays, they serve this bowl of prawn mee...

Prawn mee

Looks good eh??? Lots of huge prawns (I think 5 pieces) topped the noodles that came with generous amount of kangkung that I liked. They don't have pork slices nor ribs (unlike the one behind Yut Kee) though which I don't mind. The broth is quite all right but of course can't beat the ultimate one at Jalan San Peng. This bowl cost RM5.00 and only avaible on Fridays. One tip on eating at this stall... you should only come here when it's not crowded and almost every table have been served. Otherwise it will be a long wait before your noodles arrive. It's not pleasant sitting underneath the hot zinc roof.

I had that bowl of noodles last Friday, came teatime, I devoured this yummy banana walnut cupcake. Thank you Yozora. Am so shy now cos my cupcakes are really lacking in presentation. Look at hers... nicely crowned with walnuts!

Yozora's Walnut Banana Cupcake1 Yozora's Walnut Banana Cupcake2

Okie back to the hawkers haha... The scenario at the next stall is right about the same. They serve curry laksa, fish paste noodles and so forth. The wait is as long and pretty chaotic with their orders.

Next, along Lorong Ceylon opposite Menara PMI, you'll noticed its rather smokey cause this Malay mixed rice stall specialises in ikan bakar (bbq fish). You can find lots of fish choices here ie. kembung, keli, pari, cencaru etc etc. They're all well marinated and go well with the air assam (tamarind juice with chopped onions and cili padi) or the sambal. Other than ikan bakar, I loved the Malay dishes here too. Prices of fish will go according to the market price. This plate below of one huge cencaru, some soybean sprouts and half portion of rice plus a glass of iced lime juice costed RM6.50 but thanks to JT for paying my lunch that day.

Ikan bakar RM6.50 with limau ais

Behind this stall, is a carpark which housed my favourite Indian stall under the yumyum tree. The Indian style of food here is more like homecooked food according to my Indian colleagues. I hardly see such dishes at other Indian stalls or restaurants. I loved the deepfried tenggiri slices topped with the special minced cili padi concoction (looked spicy but not all the time tasted hot), flaked kembung fried in onions and grated coconut with green chillies (I'm drooling now), tofu cooked in sweetish sourish tomato sauce, the various stir-fried vegetables that I can't name but some of them have dhal and grated coconuts in them and they don't cook the vege until they turned yellow. I spied Yasmin Ahmad here once having lunch with her colleagues. Be early though as the food tend to finishes by 1.15pm. BTW, the sister's stall is located at the open air food court in Menara Boustead Parking Annex. All the cooking is done here before sending over to the stall.

Next to the ikan bakar stall, there is an uncle selling tau foo far (soybean curd) and tau cheong sui (soybean milk). This uncle serves a wicked cold soybean milk with gula melaka syrup. I've done the warm version but it just doesn't kick.

Along Jalan Mesui, housed the famous No Black Tie, Palate Palette (which used to be Doodee that is now operating as The Elephant at Happy Mansion, Petaling Jaya) and Lightworks. Other than these funky places, you can find a "nothing to shout about" chicken rice stall; futher down towards Palate Palette... a couple of aunties selling Chinese mixed rice that I really liked cos the food really tasted homecooked and the variety of dishes changes along the week. I hardly visit these days cos by the time I walk here, the dishes would have all long gone! 2 doors away is the shoplot that sells yue wart meen (fish paste noodles) or pork noodles. If not for the difficulty to grab a seat and stuffiness, I don't mind eating here. There is a wantan mee stall here as well but I've never tried them out. If not mistaken there is a vegetarian mixed rice stall in the very same shop.

So that concludes my walkabout of hawkers in this area. Anyone game to join me for lunch?

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  1. That Temple mix rice stall charges according to how you look. Cheaper if in uniform like tea ladies or cleaners. Haha consider yourself looked very 'fook-siong' or 'fu-kuai-weng-wah' aka loaded.

    How I miss that ikan bakar.

  2. wah! i'm up for lunch! wait..hv to buy plane ticket..doh.

  3. was told that the wanton mee at the roadside around the area taste like heaven!

  4. deciphering your ultra-light prawny mee , India's neighbour and the mixed rice frieded fish we have repositioned your office coordinates whereabouts into our state-of-the-art GPS n shall be keeping you on close n clear watch

  5. tummythoz, i guess so but seriously everyone who go there will sure complain one :p

    haha daphne :p

    BBO, so far only have 2 wanton mee place, do u know the exact location?

    fuiiyoh so canggih team BSG


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