Monday, 18 February 2008

Today's Lunch

Oh thank you, thank you, my saviour for adding something delish to my otherwise boring lunch that only a horse would eat! Yozora gave me 4 slices of yam cake (woo tau koh) this morning and I heated it up for lunch. Had wanted to save 2 slices for hubby but the yam cake is sooo nice that I gobbled up everything hehehe. After eating such delicious yam cake, I chewed on my horse food... sighhhh. What a huge difference!!!

The delish yam cake...

Nancy's Yam Cake

versus my horse food of vege, french beans, carrots, tomatoes, slices of mandarin oranges, nuts and eggs drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar...

My miserable horse food lunch

My jaw is still aching from all that chewing :-(


  1. I love yam cake!! miss it soo much. that photo makes me hungry now.

    your salad looks great too. The addition of mandarins are a nice touch.

  2. Come on babe... the salad is not that bad afterall... i love salad...

  3. ya ya this yam cake is so nice, no need add sauce, daphne

    ah mel, after the yummy yam cake, of course the salad look and taste pathetic hehehe


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