Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk

Yeah, I know, it sounded weird... Chicken in Milk but this is Jamie Oliver we're talking about heh. Had wanted to tried this recipe from Happy Days With The Naked Chef for ages cos sometimes I do like to challenge myself with weird stuff at the expense of my home test bunnies (my poor boiboi and hubby hehe).

I got some chicken thighs meant for roasting but kinda bored with the same old butter, rosemary and lemon routine. Since I have four thighs, I made two by stuffing butter, rosemary and lemon slices underneath the skin, well just to be save in case my Test Bunny Jr have nothing for dinner. Placed them over some pumpkin and roasted in the oven.

Roast Chicken - butter, lemon and rosemary

Next, roughly following Jamie's recipe... and this was the outcome...

Chicken in Milk

With the recipe from the same book, made a simple salad of cucumber and carrot ribbons done by using a peeler dressed with soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger strips to go with the roasts.

Cucumber and Carrot Ribbons Salad

Verdicts: Test Bunny Jr and I loved the weird combi of chicken and milk. I think I've poured in too much milk hence you can see lots of "gravy" swimming in the tray, plus it was low-fat milk so it did not have that creamy looking gravy as seen in the book. Test Bunny Jr asked for seconds with loads of milky gravy poured over. Actually me and him were practically drinking away the fragrant gravy.

Test Bunny Sr was curious why one tray has so much gravy and the other had none. He asked me what's inside the gravy. The moment I mentioned milk, his mind went on a shutdown mode. He gave me THE look... nehhh that "OMG this woman I had married had gone NUTS" look. Hehe he's more of a conventional guy, preferred to stick to normal things, so he only liked the usual roast (sooo boring!). However, he did give me a bit of face by trying some.

In the end, I asked both test bunnies to point out which one they liked best... the senior one pointed at the boring roast whilst the junior one needless to say aimed his finger at the milky one! Atta boy!!!

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  1. the naked chef and babe would be a world class combo in unity then again those 2 rock solid thighs if turn on right by us would be a ohhh !
    a 69 our harmonious lucky gorgeous no , perfect for a few days after valentine's

  2. LOL i can only dream silently team bsg

  3. omg... U HAVE TO SHARE THAT RECIPE WITH ME... Test Bunny Sr on my side is INTO weird combis LOL

  4. woah!! look great!!! and thats must be in great taste too! slurp!

  5. cyrene, the link to the recipe is there somewhere :D

    yammylicious, they do... try them out

  6. LOL. I'm sure the gravy is creamy and lovely. Lucky you didn't tell hubby until he tried it out! LOL.

  7. hey, how do you slice that (presumably) cucumber into those long thin strips? using a peeler ah?

    and how come so seedless one? jap cucumber?

  8. i did tell him before actually daphne, just that he didn't like it

    yes fbb, just use the peeler and those are jap cucumber

  9. Not bad, the boring roast suits your hubby's taste bud, and the other suits your boy boy. How about you? Which one do you prefer?


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