Friday, 2 November 2007

Yummilicious Snacks

Found these pics in my flickr album. Totally forgotten about them.

At times when I'm hungry at odd hours but lazy to go out to grab a bite, I will usually turn to my fave food - bread. Other than slattering them with peanut butter or making PBBT, most times I will rummage my fridge to look for stuff to go with the bread.

The simplest is just spread some butter on a piece of bread, sprinkle with some grated cheddar cheese then top with sliced sausages. Top with more cheese and dot with chilli sauce. Toast till the cheese melts and chow down whilst it's hot. Easy but irresistable!

sausage topped bread

I had fresh button mushroom on hand once, so I spread some sweet chilli cottage cheese on a piece of bread. Place sliced button mushrooms all over and grind in lots of fresh black pepper. Send for toasting and voila... another yummy, easy and quick snack.

muhsroom sweet chilli cottage cheese topped bread

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  1. Looks like yummy brekkie food to me.

  2. Gosh, PBBT, my ultimate comfort food. with a glass of cold milk. heaven....

    BTW, thanx for the direction to el-cerdo. love it.

  3. Yummy..!! the problem with me here.. is .. i have to do everything on my own.. if i wanna eat something.. so i long to just go to the coffee shops nearby . .and get convenient food.. like chee cheong fun or lor mai kai.. unlike when i was in singapore.. i find it fascinating to make things on my own.. ;) hhahaha!! ironic eh..??

  4. so good.. anything with mushrooms/sausages, I'm in!

    I also do a nutella with banana or nutella with strawberries toasties. ehehhe.

  5. woah! i like the mushroom on top. =D


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