Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Apple Crumble Version 2.0

My parents usually buy fruits by the boxes... yes, BOXES!!! I am not talking about those small flat boxes that keep persimmons or kiwis but imagine those apples/oranges type. Twice a month, they'll diligently stock up... since they lived quite close to Selayang's Pasar Borong (wholesale market). Yours truly will usually benefit from this as my mom will shuffed some plastic bags to me and ask me to help myself.

Now the problem is... my fridge tends to be overstocked with them as there are basically two people in the house only. Tall task to finish them all up quickly. Most times I would need to cook or juice them up before the next fresh batch come. This time, they have gotten a box of huge, juicy and sweet granny smith... I was juggling them on my palms and asked hubby what should I do with them. Naturally he replied me "Apple Crumble - same like Coffee Bean one!". Yoooohhh an additional step for me to make the base crust!!!! Grrr just like my previous attempt. I was reminded to improve on that at the same time!!! *bleh, stick tongue out at HIM*
Anyway, as I was taking out the ingredients to make one, I noticed that I only have enough butter to either make the crumble or the crust. Feeling lazy (with lots of joy), I decided to leave the crust out! As I browse thru recipes, I remember FBB's version is the simplest so I quickly note down the ingredients and set out to make the crumble. I added a handful of oats on the crumble for the extra crunch plus experimented with some sesame seeds which didn't make much difference.

I made mine in ramekins and I would say this version does tasted better! Thank you FBB for sharing the recipe. My sister-in-law told me it was nice when eaten cold which I tried; and OH YES indeed it was!!! Tasted great even without all those sinful additions mentioned by FBB :p

Apple crumble 01 Apple crumble 02

Coincidently, one of the Drive for Food team, Apple Crumble Team, used the same recipe which earned them a trip to Penang for the final!!!! The voting is currently on... please do vote for Apple Crumble Team and Fantastic Four HERE!!! Thank you very much for your support.

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  1. apple pie? apple tat
    but i don't know how to cook them
    normally just make juice

  2. heheh.. what a great way to use the apples.. and it's a healthy dessert too.

  3. Babe, thanks for your kind comments on my blog but have been too busy after coming back from PG...have missed out a lot on blogosphere, really need to catch up!

  4. had stock up those grannys and muesli, but could not lift up my ass to make it..lazyyyyyy

  5. my goodness..fruits by the could very well start a small fruit stall for the neighbours if in need haha..

  6. Wow. That looked delicous! But I wonder if it can be done with mangoes (since I am on this craze) or other fruits?

  7. wah, i am so honored that my recipe was used by our local domestic goddess....yar, i love cold crumble too..

  8. yatie, this is not a pie nor tart. it has crumble on top. try it at coffee bean cafes

    daphne, dun think its super healthy since it involved butter hehe

    no prob bee

    thanks al

    hahaha order from FBB lor, kampungboycitygal

    joe, my parents gave them away to the neighbours! hehe

    cfc, yes it's possible. add banana is nice too.

    hey, FBB, thanks so much for the recipe. actually I've tried your other recipes just dat din post up only :p


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