Friday, 16 November 2007

Review: Durian Cream Puff from Happy Meal

Short post again cos chasing deadline.

I took note of teckiee's post about this Happy Meal place at Jalan Hang Lekir (Chinatown/Petaling Street area). I've always noticed the place whenever I buy flowers next door but never bothered to check out what they offer. It's basically a small corner selling sandwiches, pastries and drinks. Thanks to teckiee, I stopped by one day when I passed by there. Otherwise I would have continued walking.

I saw a lady busy piping out the pastry for the cream puffs onto trays. A couple of them were filling them with cream. Checking out the display I saw pineapple tarts, coconut tarts, kaya swissroll, cream puffs BUT it was the signage they stuck on the glass that caught my eyes... durian puff!!!! Can't resist them, I bought a box which contained 4 for RM2.40. Resisted like hell from buying other stuff... need to watch our expanding waist muahahaha...

Happy - durian cream puffs

Anyway, I only ate them when I got back home. By then the choux pastry had gotten a bit soggy but but but the durian cream compensated it since it's not durian season now hahaha... must check out the other yummies the next time I'm there.

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  1. I need some durian PUFFS..!! drooling big time..!

  2. babe, try their almond tart.. that is good too!

  3. i have read abt this at teckiee's too, but i never get to go near that part of town... >.<"

  4. i thought this was from mcdonalds when i read "happy meal!"..

  5. awww poor mamabok

    ok noted teckiee

    ling, i heard they opened a branch somewhere else but cant recall where :p

    daphne, you also durian kaki? :p

    very funny joe

  6. Seriously, very nice puff they have there. :P

  7. whoa ! I am supposed to be on a diet , but after I read this post, for awhile I forgot all about dieting.. keeping carbs low, high fiber and high protein... I can think only durian puffs, almond puffs, pastries.....

  8. Sigh...looking at the monitor screen and sighing those puffs!

  9. when you finish chasing your deadline and we've got a bit more time, let's go down to Petaling St for lunch, those yummy puffs and a stopover at the baking shop yeah?

  10. wow... i thought cream puffs were good enough never thought that there are durian puffs available now!

  11. very yum yum.. there the boss's husband repair camera 1.. last time got small shop repair old camera further up the market lorong beside the restaurant nite sell BKT..

    very nice food

  12. ;-) jason

    bernsy :D

    wmw, remember to stock up next trip

    yozora, yr tarts nice or not??

    meiyen, nowadays macam-macam ada!!

    km lim, wow thanks for the tit bits

  13. i passed by Happy Meal many times but unfortunely it's closed. Maybe they are not open on Sunday..sob..sob..

  14. My college is nearby, the shop is closed every Sunday. Try the banana cake and butter cake. Soft like cotton and tastes fantastic. The sandwiches are good too, very generous filling. It's a great place for light lunch or when u feel like dozing in class ^_^


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