Monday, 19 November 2007

Thank You Rachel of ThamJiak... post up her interview with me. The first in her project to interview the Malaysian floggers was on Swee San.

I've always fascinated with Rachel's story of her ahmah (grandma) and look forward to her posts. The little anecdotes always spices things up. Do check out Tham Jiak!

Sorry no food updates today or the next few days... have a deadline to catch!


  1. great idea, when is yours coming out ?

  2. Now I know that you are a nasi lemak addict.... Hehehe. I was never really a nasi lemak or other traditional kuih lover until I migrated to Aussie. Now baru tahu what I'm missing off.

  3. imbi, mine just got out :D

    joe, i will let rachel know

    mamabok, you wanna be interviewed or not?

    flower, not really addict cos i limit my nasi lemak intake. i guess dat pretty normal, just like mamabok haha


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