Monday, 12 November 2007

Festive Cookies

In replying to Teckiee's question in my Deepavali greetings post if I was away making murukku... hahaha of course not lah! I got a tin of that from a friend of mine. Well instead of murukku, I made these...

colourful ghee biscuits

Wahseh... colourful or not? Before these babies were coated with milled sugar, the strong colour looked kinda scary! I made a trial batch of these earlier but I've used very very little colouring and my test bunnies told me they were too light. Hmmm and I thought they looked kinda nice in pastel shades, just that they don't show much after the sugar coating.

So are they festive enough for Deepavali???

Anyways, these babies are known as Arab Cookies or Ghee Biscuits or Sugee (even though no sugee were used??) Biscuits... recipe can be found HERE.

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  1. Wah very psychedelic lah Babe. This is my fav. biscuit for raya and very easy to make.I used icing sugar for the coating instead. Always remember not to talk when you have this in your mouth.

  2. that's really pretty, Babe! Would love to eat some. ;-)

  3. i wouldnt know these are sugee cookies. The colours are beautiful!

  4. Wah.. these are so pretty.. sayang to eat ... nice to deco the dinning or coffee table too :). You must teach me how to get that swirl effect lah...

  5. i seriously never tried before these cookies.. wondering how they taste and yes, they are very colorful and cute! :D

  6. canoot cannootttt temnpt me noooo dunwan to eatttt....

  7. flower, yeah haha must have a drink ready on hand too :p

    ok ok lemongrass, i got the hint!

    daphne, yeah sugee cookies but no sugee inside one hehe

    YozoraNiteSky, haha very addictive

    meiyen, it's very fragrant and soft, kinda melt in yr mouth

    dcky, i can throw some to u from here

  8. Very cute looking..! i'll have some.. ;)

  9. feel free to help yourself mamabok haha

  10. Wow, I really like the look of these technicolor cookies. :-D

  11. Those cookies are so unique! I've never seen anything like them...I'm intrigued.

  12. thanks pleasureplate and hillary, these cookies are yummy, melt in the mouth texture

  13. Hi Babe_kl,
    Found your blog through BBO.
    Your cookies are very beautiful...can you teach me how do you make these beautiful colour/swirl?
    thank you.
    Happy new year to you and family. cheers

  14. Hi My Addictions, all you need to do is colour the doughs separately then roll into long logs and lay them alongside to each other. pinch the mixed dough and roll into balls. u wont get spirals all the time though hahaha good luck and have fun.

  15. hi Babe in the city - kl,
    thank you so much for the tips.
    btw i already put it on my to do list, but i was wondering usually how much ghee do we have to put as you did not give the exact measurement?
    thank you...
    happy new year ya...

  16. actually it's hard to say cos it depends on the humidity of the day and the dampness of the flour. if i remember clearly, that recipe you'll need at least a medium sized tinned ghee. remember to add tablespoon by tablespoon.


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